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What Are White Collar Crimes?

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Most people have probably heard the terms white-collar and blue-collar crimes. Perhaps most people also have a general idea of the difference between the two classes of crimes, as well. However, not everyone understands what these terms mean exactly and which category a particular crime fits into. For some people, instead of being an issue of blue or white it can be a little gray. 

So what does the term white-collar crime actually refer to and which crimes fall into this category? The term white-collar crime generally refers to a non-violent act that is committed by someone who would be considered of high importance or responsibility; or perhaps by someone who carries a high social status. Although these crimes are typically non-violent, they can carry very harsh penalties. Crimes that usually fall into the white-collar category include anti-trust violations, fraud, blackmail, bribery, counterfeiting, embezzlement, extortion and forgery. This is not a complete list, but these are several common white-collar offenses.

Many times federal white-collar crimes occur because the defendant had no indication that what he or she was doing was illegal. In other cases the wrong person can end up being accused of a crime because the real perpetrator doctored the evidence to point at someone else. While being charged with any type of crime is never good, when someone in Dayton is facing federal charges there can be even more at stake. When someone faces local or state charges they usually have time to build a defense. However, with federal crimes, prosecutors typically build a case for months before charges are ever brought. That means by the time a person finds out charges are pending, their is already a severe disadvantage.

Don’t let this happen to you. If you are facing the possibility of being charged with a white-collar crime, or any other type of federal crime, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney right away. At the VanNoy Firm we are experienced in handling these kinds of cases and can help you stay on top of the process. Please give us a call today at 937-952-5043 if you are in need of a skillful white-collar defense attorney, or click here. Don’t end up incarcerated for something you didn’t even realize was illegal. Contact us in Dayton today.



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