Child Custody

Child Custody

Dayton Child Custody Lawyers

If you are facing a divorce involving children, child custody (also known as Parenting Time or Parental Responsibility) issues are naturally of primary importance. Further, if you have child custody orders that no longer work – or that no longer even make sense – for your family, a child custody modification may be in order. Whatever kind of child custody concern you’re dealing with, an experienced Ohio child custody attorney can help. By listening carefully to your needs and building a customized legal strategy, we can assist you in working to resolve your case in a positive way.

Legal Custody in Ohio

In Ohio, child custody is now broken down into the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities and parenting time, but the idea remains the same. First of all, each of these components of child custody can be either sole or joint. The allocation of parental rights and responsibilities correlates with legal custody, and it refers to who makes important decisions on behalf of your children post-divorce. The decisions that relate to legal custody include:

  • Where your children will live (usually within a specified geographic area)
  • Where your children will attend school
  • Your children’s religious upbringing
  • The healthcare your children receive
  • Your children’s extracurricular activities

Legal custody/parental responsibilities play an important role in your child custody arrangements.

Physical Custody

Physical custody correlates with the new term parenting time, and it refers to whom your children live with and in accordance with what visitation schedule. If you and your divorcing spouse are able to find a middle ground on this issue and are able to create a schedule that you can both live with, the court is almost certain to include it in your divorce decree. After all, every family’s needs are unique to them, and you know your best scheduling options better than the court can. There are two primary choices when it comes to physical custody, including:

  • One parent can become the primary custodial parent – with whom the children live the majority of the time – while the other has a visitation schedule.
  • You can split your time with the children fairly equally (or exactly equally).

An important point to make is that it is rare for one parent to be allotted no time at all with the children. Ohio courts base their decisions that affect children solely on the best interests of those children, and the courts generally believe – unless there is a compelling reason to believe otherwise – that children are better off when they continue to build relationships with both parents.  

Child Custody Modifications

The court understands that the child custody arrangements that worked for you and your children when they were small may no longer be relevant now that your children are obtaining driver’s licenses and part-time jobs of their own (for example). As your circumstances evolve, a child custody modification may become a necessity, and a child custody attorney can also help you with that.

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