Federal Judge Rules to Allow Ohio Terror Suspect Phone Access in Prison

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Anyone in Dayton who is facing federal criminal charges is obviously in a serious situation. Federal charges are different than state or local charges and the penalties can be even more severe. However, just because someone is incarcerated facing federal charges, they are still entitled to certain rights.

According to reports, a federal judge in Ohio recently ruled in favor of a man regarding the use of telephones. The man is currently incarcerated for allegedly plotting to bomb the U.S. Capitol building. He also reportedly has ties the terror group ISIS. Authorities investigated the 20-year-old man earlier this year after they say he planned to set off a bomb in Washington. He is facing multiple federal charges, including of attempted murder of government officials, possession of a firearm in connection with a crime of violence and solicitation to commit a crime of violence.

After an investigation that spanned several months, authorities made an arrest in Cincinnati after he allegedly purchased two M-15 semi-automatic rifles along with hundreds of rounds of ammunition. Despite the charges against the man, his father claims that his son was actually coerced by an FBI agent into attempting to commit the plot.

Although the man is incarcerated in Kentucky, a federal judge in Ohio recently rule that the man can have access to a telephone. The prosecutor had argued that the man could use phone calls to encourage violent acts. However, the judge ruled that the facility is not “logistically able to restrict his phone access.” The judge’s ruling shows that even though this man faces serious charges and that the evidence against him looks bad, he still has rights, even while incarcerated waiting for trial.

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