Traffic Offense

Traffic Offense

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Being arrested and learning you have been charged with a crime can be one of the most stressful and even terrifying experiences of your life. You may not realize all of your rights or know where to turn for help. You are likely worried about having a possible conviction on your record, facing serious consequences, including imprisonment, or being wrongfully convicted of a crime you did not commit.

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Getting a ticket for a traffic law violation is unpleasant, and no one likes being on the receiving end of a traffic citation. The consequences of getting a traffic ticket in Ohio mainly take three forms:

  • Payment of a fine;
  • Points added to your driver’s license; and
  • Loss of driving privileges.

Many Ohioans believe that if they simply pay the fine associated with their ticket, they can be done with the citation and can go on with their lives. However, payment of the fine for a traffic citation is effectively the same as pleading guilty or no contest to the alleged traffic offense. This means that you accept responsibility for the alleged offense and also accept the consequences associated with the offense.

When too many points accrue on your driving record, you can lose your driver’s license. If your driver’s license is revoked (i.e., your driver’s license is canceled) or suspended (i.e., the temporary loss of your driving privileges), it can make your life difficult. Getting to work, school, extracurricular activities, and running errands will become a major inconvenience as you may have to rely on friends, family, public transportation, or ride-sharing programs in order to get around. There are other unintended consequences to pleading guilty to a traffic ticket as well. For instance, too many points on your driving record could cause your automobile insurance rates to increase dramatically, and it could take many years for those rates to go down again, if they ever do. You could also be required to attend a driver remediation course, which you will have to pay for.

You do not have to accept that you were charged with a traffic offense. You have the option to fight your traffic citation in traffic court. By fighting your traffic ticket, you are taking a stand and pleading not guilty to your alleged offense. If you want to fight your traffic ticket, you should consider working with an experienced traffic offense lawyer in Dayton. Traffic violations vary greatly between different cities and counties, and an experienced Dayton traffic lawyer will know the relevant traffic law for where your ticket was issued, will be familiar with the traffic court system, and can help you prepare your case. Please feel free to reach out to The VanNoy Firm today to speak to one of our dedicated traffic law attorneys about your situation. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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Getting a traffic ticket is inconvenient, but it is important that you do not ignore your ticket. You have other options besides simply paying your fine. Reach out to the experienced traffic attorneys at The VanNoy Firm to speak to one of our team members about fighting your traffic ticket today. Defend your rights. Contact us today to discuss your particular traffic citation situation.

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