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Ohio Men Facing Federal Tax Fraud and Conspiracy Charges

Just because someone is charged with a federal offense that does not mean he or she actually committed a crime. In addition, sometimes, people who are charged with these types…

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Chiropractor Reportedly Agrees to Plea Deal Over Federal Charges

There are many types of crimes with which people are charged. Although they might not receive as much attention as violent crimes, some of the most serious types of crimes…

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Can You Be Charged With a DUI for Using Prescription Medication?

People in the Dayton are arrested and charged with a DUI for a lot of reasons. Sometimes, people have simply had too much to drink. However, there are many other…

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Ohio Prosecutor On Leave Facing DUI Charge

People from all walks of life get into trouble from time-to-time. No one is immune to making mistakes, even people who work in law enforcement or another legal field. The…

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Authorities Charge Both Men Involved in Crash With DUI

People are accused, arrested and charged with driving under the influence every day. However, not everyone who is accused of such an offense has actually been driving while intoxicated. There…

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Authorities Arrest Four Men for Federal Contract Fraud

Any type of white-collar crime is serious and when a person in Dayton is charged with this type of crime he or she needs to act fast and get prepared…

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