Authorities Charge Both Men Involved in Crash With DUI

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People are accused, arrested and charged with driving under the influence every day. However, not everyone who is accused of such an offense has actually been driving while intoxicated. There are many important factors that have to be considered for every DUI case. Did the person in question visit a bar and if so did the bar serve that person too much alcohol? Did officers follow all the proper procedures during the arrest and processing? These are important questions, and a DUI defense attorney should take these and other pertinent questions into consideration.

Two men have been arrested and charged for driving under the influence in the Fairview Park area after they reportedly were involved in a crash with one another. According to authorities, a 35-year-old man has been charged with felony aggravated vehicular assault in addition to drunk driving after he apparently crashed the vehicle he was driving into the other man’s car. Meantime, the driver of the second car, a 27-year-old man was also charged with drunk driving after the accident occurred. According to authorities, a third man waived officers down to report the accident. When they arrived officers found both men in question at the scene and they both allegedly appeared to be intoxicated.

According to court documents, the 27-year-old man ran out of gas and decided to pull his car over to the side of the road. While he was parked on the side of the road, officers say the other man in question, the 35-year-old, crashed his car into the back of the car that was pulled over onto the shoulder. Both men received medical attention, but neither man was seriously hurt. The man accused of causing the accident reportedly would not submit to a breath test, but authorities did get a blood sample from him later. Because he refused the breath test his license has already been suspended. The other man was scheduled to be arraigned within the next two weeks on the drunk driving charge.

Both if these men could face serious penalties if convicted. However, there are still many questions that need to be addressed. For example, what evidence do authorities have that either or both of the men were actually intoxicated? There are always many questions with every drunk driving case, which is why it’s important to retain a Dayton DUI defense attorney if you have been arrested and/or charged for driving under the influence. Please contact The VanNoy Firm if you are facing these kinds of charges, or any other drunk driving-related offense in the Dayton area. Click here to contact us online, or call us at 937-952-5043.



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