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Authorities Arrest Four Men for Federal Contract Fraud

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Any type of white-collar crime is serious and when a person in Dayton is charged with this type of crime he or she needs to act fast and get prepared to fight the charges. In addition, when someone is charged with a white-collar crime that involves the federal government, then the situation can get even more serious. It’s very important for anyone in this situation to seek the help of a criminal defense attorney who has experience defending people against federal white-collar crimes.

Four people are facing serious federal criminal charges after they allegedly bilked the federal government out of nearly $25 million. The three men and one woman are accused of manipulating business development programs created by the Small Business Administration office, which had been established to help companies owned by minorities to secure government contracts. The three men are all from Steubenville, Ohio, while the woman who has been accused is from West Virginia. They have all been charged with conspiracy to defraud the United Sates and its related offices.

According to court documents, the four defendants ran several different kinds of business endeavors, including a real estate company, multiple equipment companies, an electrical firm and a technology firm. The four defendants are accused of reporting false eligibility documents that claimed that veterans and minorities were running and controlling the companies. However, according to court papers, minorities or veterans were not actually running these companies. Because of the alleged false statements, the four people who are accused reportedly received federal contracts worth more that $140 million from several different government agencies.

Obviously, these four individuals are facing a very serious situation and if convicted they face heavy fines and lengthy prison sentences. However, they are still innocent until proven guilty, and things are not always as they first appear. Anyone in this kind of situation needs to seek the help of an experienced Dayton criminal defense attorney right away. Federal prosecutors will already be working hard to build their case against you. You can’t afford to sit back and wait. You need an aggressive and strong defense attorney who understands how to fight federal criminal charges. At The VanNoy Firm we understand federal white-collar crime cases and we know how to defend people who have been charged with these kinds of offenses. Please contact our office in Dayton for qualified legal representation. Call us at 937-952-5043, or click here to contact us online.



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