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Many Ohio drivers believe that if they pay the fine associated with their ticket, they can be done with the citation and go on with their lives. In some cases, this is a correct assumption. However, in other cases, paying the fine for a traffic citation is the same as pleading guilty or no contest to the alleged traffic offense. 

A plea deal means accepting responsibility for the suspected violation and the consequences of the crime, and the amount of points you receive for a traffic citation depends on the severity of the offense. 

In addition to possibly losing your license, paying a fine for a traffic citation also means you will have to pay an increase in your auto insurance rates. A conviction for a traffic violation will stay on your driving record for at least three years, and some offenses (like DUI) will remain on your record indefinitely. Simply paying the fine associated with a traffic citation is not the end of the story. It would be best to weigh all the potential consequences before deciding how to handle your citation.

Can a Traffic Violation Attorney in Dayton help with your traffic violation?

Losing your driver’s license can have a significant impact on your life. If your driver’s license is revoked or suspended, it can be challenging to get to work, school, or run errands. You may rely on friends, family, public transportation, or ride-sharing programs to get around. There are also other unintended consequences of pleading guilty to a traffic ticket. For instance, too many points on your driving record could cause your automobile insurance rates to increase dramatically. 

You could also be fined or jailed if you are caught driving with a suspended or revoked license. If you are facing a traffic ticket, you should speak with an experienced traffic attorney who can help you understand your options and protect your rights.

Why choose a lawyer for representation for your traffic violation?

Being charged with a traffic offense can be frustrating. You may feel you have been wrongly accused or that the officer did not have probable cause to pull you over. Whatever the reason, you do not have to accept that you were charged with an offense. You have the right to fight your traffic citation in traffic court.

 Pleading not guilty to your alleged offense. If you want to fight your traffic ticket, consider working with an experienced traffic offense lawyer in Dayton. Traffic violations vary significantly between different cities and counties. An experienced Dayton traffic lawyer will know the relevant traffic law for where your ticket was issued, will be familiar with the traffic court system, and can help you prepare your case. 

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