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What to Do if You Are Injured in Hit and Run Accident 

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Anyone who is involved in a traffic accident in the State of Ohio is required to stop at the scene of the accident, and when a motorist fails to do so, it’s called a hit and run accident, which makes it especially egregious. Traffic accidents are painful, terrifying events, and when the at-fault driver takes off without concern for your welfare, it can make the matter that much more challenging to overcome. If you’ve been injured by a hit and run driver, don’t wait to reach out to an experienced Dayton car accident attorney today. 

A Driver’s Duty to Stop

In Ohio, a motorist who is involved in a traffic accident must stop if the accident results in damage to the other vehicle, which means that virtually every accident requires involved motorists to pull over and stop. In the process of stopping, both motorists must exchange the following information:

  • Their names
  • Their addresses and phone numbers
  • Their driver’s license information
  • The registration numbers of their vehicles
  • The name and address of the vehicle’s owner (if other than the driver)
  • Insurance information 

First and foremost, motorists are responsible for alerting the authorities if anyone is injured at the scene of the accident. 

Your Best Steps Forward

If you have been injured by a hit and run driver, the first order of business – after seeking the medical attention that you need – is consulting with a focused hit and run attorney who has the requisite experience to handle these complicated cases. Your hit and run attorney will have the best chance of locating the at-fault driver who took it upon himself or herself to flee, and if this isn’t a possibility, your attorney will help you find the best path forward for you in your unique situation. Options include:

  • Filing a claim through your uninsured motorist (UM) or underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage, which is designed for situations in which the at-fault motorist either fails to carry the insurance required or fails to carry adequate insurance – or when the motorist flees the scene of the accident.
  • Filing a claim through your MedPay coverage, which is designed to cover medical expenses that you and/or your passengers incur – regardless of who is at fault – which makes this coverage especially beneficial in a hit and run situation.

If the at-fault driver cannot be located, how well you are covered will be determined by the kind and amount of insurance you carry and by the negotiation skills of your dedicated hit and run attorney. 

Turn to an Experienced Dayton Hit and Run Attorney for the Legal Help You Are Looking For

The practiced hit and run attorneys at The VanNoy Firm in Dayton recognize the gravity of your situation and, in response, dedicate their impressive practice to helping clients like you prevail with favorable claim resolutions that meet their needs for recovery. Your case is important, so please don’t wait to contact us for more information today.



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