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What to Do if My Juvenile Child is Being Accused of a Crime

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No parent wishes to see their child getting in trouble with the law. Yet, even when a parent has done everything possible to raise their children on the right side of the law, it is inevitable in some cases that the parent will get that dreadful call from the police saying their child has been arrested. If your juvenile child is being accused of a crime in Dayton, our experienced juvenile defense lawyers at The VanNoy Firm can help.

What a Juvenile Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Do for You

Your child being accused of a crime is a serious matter. If the child has been arrested or is being interrogated by police, then it would be in your child’s interest to seek immediate legal help from an experienced juvenile defense attorney such as we have at The VanNoy Firm.

Under Ohio law, a juvenile defendant is entitled to an attorney. However, to the extent you are financially able to do so, it is best to retain your own lawyer to make sure your child gets the best representation possible.

It is also important that you talk to a juvenile defense lawyer immediately if your child has been detained, or even if the police simply want to interrogate your child. This is a crucial time in the investigation and charging process as there are things a lawyer can do that may be too late if you wait longer to talk to or retain one.

For example, where circumstances warrant, the lawyer may be able to have the charges against your child dropped or otherwise find some resolution that does not lead to your child being taken into detention or suffering other adverse consequences.

The Juvenile Process

Juveniles are entitled to the same constitutional rights as adults. If a juvenile has been taken into juvenile detention, then they must be brought before a judge or magistrate a short time after the child is detained. This is a time when the prosecutor lays out the charges against your child, and the defense lawyer you hired enters a plea of guilty or not guilty. 

Typically, a plea of not guilty is entered, and in that case, a trial date will be set, and the judge may order the child released to the parent pending trial or the judge may order the child held through trial date. It is important to have an experienced juvenile defense lawyer to make the case for your child not being held pending trial, which is not uncommon, meaning that judges routinely order juvenile defendants to be held in detention either pending trial or for a week or so to allow for a risk assessment.


At The VanNoy Firm, we try to negotiate with the prosecutor to either have the charges against your child dismissed or reach a resolution of the case that is favorable to your child and avoids taking the case to trial. However, if that does not work out, we prepare and mount an aggressive defense for your child at trial. 

Speak with an Ohio Juvenile Defense Attorney

If your juvenile child is being accused of a crime or has been arrested, then contact us today and talk to one of our dedicated juvenile defense lawyers.



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