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Protection orders are judicial mandates designed to prevent potential violence by enforcing strict boundaries between the involved parties. In Ohio, failing to obey a protection order can have steep consequences, including arrest, significant fines, and complications related to child custody and visitation rights, among others. At The VanNoy Firm, we are dedicated to safeguarding our clients’ futures. Our attorneys are prepared to help you recognize crucial mistakes that must be avoided when navigating the complexities of protection orders.

Avoid Contacting the Other Party

It is imperative that any form of communication with the protected party is strictly avoided. This includes but is not limited to, in-person interactions, phone calls, text messages, emails and mailed letters. The temptation to reach out might be strong, especially when seeking closure or attempting to explain one’s side of the story. However, such actions can lead to severe penalties and further complicate the situation.

Do Not Agree to Speak to the Other Party

Occasionally, the individual under protection might initiate contact, potentially to reconcile or discuss matters. Despite the seemingly benign nature of this gesture, it is crucial to remember that a protective order legally binds one from engaging in any form of communication with the other party. Thus, even if the contact is initiated by the protected individual, it is essential to refrain from responding and instead consult with an attorney immediately.

Remain Calm

The issuance of a protection order can be a highly emotional and stressful event. It is not uncommon for feelings of anger and frustration to surface. However, maintaining composure and avoiding any behavior that could be perceived as threatening or aggressive is critical. Such actions only serve to reinforce the justification for the protection order and could adversely affect the outcome of any related legal proceedings.

Know the Terms of the Protection Order

Understanding the specific requirements of a protection order is fundamental to compliance. Given the variety of protection orders, which can involve cases of domestic violence, sexual offenses, stalking and other crimes, each comes with its own set of stipulations. The relationship between the accused and the accuser plays a significant role in determining the type of order issued. Without a clear understanding of the terms, inadvertently violating the order becomes a real risk. Therefore, seeking clarification from an attorney is advised to ensure full comprehension and adherence.

Talk to an Attorney

Navigating the complexities of a protection order, particularly when facing associated criminal charges, is a daunting task. The assistance of a dedicated attorney can prove invaluable in defending against such charges and challenging a protection order believed to be unjust. Before taking any steps on one’s own, consulting with legal counsel can significantly impact the resolution of the case.

Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers Serving You

Protection orders, while designed to prevent harm, carry with them a set of obligations that must be meticulously followed. Failing to adhere to these orders can result in severe consequences, complicating one’s legal situation and potentially impacting one’s future.

Avoiding the aforementioned mistakes is critical, and with our experienced team by your side, the path to resolving such legal matters becomes clearer. If you find yourself facing a protection order, contact our firm for assistance. Together, we can work towards securing the best possible outcome for your case.



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