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Although all kinds of criminal charges should be taken seriously, federal criminal charges are much different than state criminal charges. In addition, the entire legal process is different, as well as the prosecutors and the judges. Likewise, sentencing is also much different in federal court than it is in state courts, which means you could be facing much different penalties if convicted in a federal court, than if you were convicted in a sate court. Because of all these differences, it’s important to retain a lawyer who understands how the federal court system works.

A federal grand jury has decided to indict two men from Akron with several charges involving drugs and extortion. According to court documents, the men were originally charged with threatening to kill another man from the Columbus area after they were reportedly ripped off in a drug deal. The two men in question, a 27-year-old and a 28-year-old, have now been indicted on several other charges, including conspiracy to affect commerce by extortion. In addition to those charges the two men also face charges of using a communications facility to facilitate a drug trafficking offense.

According to court papers, following an FBI investigation, the two men allegedly made threats to the Columbus area businessman after the drug deal went bad. The two men reportedly met a Mexican drug dealer through the businessman’s brother. However, when the drug deal went bad investigators say that the two men contacted the businessman’s brother for restitution. However, when he told them that he did not have the means to pay them back they decided to target his brother who owns a couple of restaurants and a trucking company. They allegedly threatened the man and demanded that he pay as much as $175,000 to make up for the money they lost in the failed drug deal.

Both of these men are facing some serious charges and they both could be facing a lengthy prison sentence if convicted. Anyone who is facing similar charges in Dayton should act fast and retain an aggressive and experienced criminal defense attorney who understands how to fight these kinds of cases. At The VanNoy Firm we have the experience and knowledge necessary to help you fight for your rights if you are facing federal criminal charges. However, you need to act fast so we can start building your defense right away. The longer you wait the tougher it could be to fight the charges. Therefore, please contact as soon as you can if you are involved in this kind of situation. Click here to contact us online, or give us a call at 937-952-5043.



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