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The holiday season has come and gone, but for some, the new year may not be reason to celebrate. Indeed, the holiday season often sees a spike in specific crime types, meaning that many will move into 2018 preparing to defend themselves against criminal charges. Consider a list of some of these most common Christmas crimes, and remember to contact The VanNoy Firm if you are facing criminal charges and need aggressive representation this year–

Package Theft

With online shoppers having packages delivered straight to their door galore during the holiday season, there tends to be an increase in package theft. Most items left doorside are valued at less than $1,000 (which means that a person who commits a package theft will only face misdemeanor charges in Ohio). The more the package is worth, however, the more serious the crime. Indeed, while it is rare to see a package valued so highly left on a doorstep, stealing something that is $7,500 or more, but less than $150,000, is considered grand theft, a fourth degree felony.


Shoplifting is another common holiday crime, and may be driven by the pressure to buy gifts for others during the holiday season, and the large crowds in department stores, which could make shoplifting easier to commit. That being said, if criminal charges are filed for shoplifting, the crime will be theft (there is no shoplifting-specific crime in Ohio code). Again, if merchandise is valued at less than $1,000, the crime will be a misdemeanor.

Identity Theft

Called identity fraud in Ohio code, this crime type tends to spike during the holiday season. Defined as using the personal information of another person, without permission, with the intent to present the personal information as one’s own or with the intent to defraud, identity theft is a serious crime in Ohio. The crime is considered to be a fifth degree felony when the value of credit, property, etc. involved in the crime is less than $1,000. The crime can be a first degree felony when the amount of money involved is $150,000 or more and the crime is committed against an elderly or disabled person.

Operating a Vehicle Under the Influence (OVI)

Finally, one of the most common holidays crimes is operating a vehicle under the influence, called OVI in Ohio (referred to as DUI in many other states). OVI offenses increase during the holiday due to the number of holiday parties, readily-available alcohol, and time off work and school. An OVI offense can result in jail time, a large fine, license suspension, and of course, a mark on one’s permanent criminal record.

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