The Ohio Legislature Prepares for Another Round in the Debate Over The Legalization of Marijuana

05 April, 2016
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Residents of Ohio have been engaged in an ongoing battle regarding the legalization of marijuana. Just recently, a proposal to legalize marijuana (Issue 3) was rejected, but the issue is not going away anytime soon. State lawmakers have vowed that they will act on the issue of legal medical marijuana as early as January 2016, and activists are working hard to get measures passed that will allow for the use of medical marijuana legal locally. However, there appears to be a break between the advocates for medicinal use of marijuana and those advocating recreational use. Those seeking to have the laws changed to allow for medicinal use have had very little funding to effectuate any real change in the law, while the opposite is occurring with those seeking changes to the laws for recreational use. Currently, marijuana use and possession in Ohio is illegal. If you are facing a marijuana-related charge, work with an experienced criminal defense attorney to defend your case.

single-imgThere are new well-funded players on the horizon who have banded together under the name of “ResponseOhio” for the express purpose of getting a measure on the ballot that, if passed, would legalize not only the medicinal use of marijuana, but also recreational use. These donors are also seeking the exclusive rights to operate the growth and distribution centers for marijuana use. They were the backers of Issue 3.

Backers of Issue 3 spent millions of dollars with the hope of getting this measure passed. The initiative lost in every county, with 64% of voters saying “no.” Ohioan voters are for the most part rejecting any attempt at monopolizing the distribution of marijuana. Therefore, the use and/or distribution of marijuana is still illegal in Ohio, although the criminal aspect of it has been deemphasized. Penalties for the use and distribution of less than 100 grams of marijuana have been relegated to a misdemeanor offense in Ohio with no jail time. Anyone caught in possession of less than 100 grams will be subject to a fine and an automatic suspension of his or her driver’s license.

Those wishing to eventually legalize marijuana are regrouping for the next round of propositions and amendments. This time, the advocates for the medicinal use and the backers for legalization of recreational use could end up working together on this issue.

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