Sean R.


Results, demeanor, presence, and understanding. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would. Did a great service to my family. Worth every penny. Thank you Mr. VanNoy.

Jill P.


I cannot say enough how much I appreciate the help, wisdom, and kindness of Mr VanNoy, and his staff. At the end of my son’s last court date the judge said you must have a good lawyer, and he absolutely did. Can not say enough good things about Mr VanNoy. Works in the best interest of his clients for results that will help benefit them in the long run.

Dana W.



Jamecce G.


I am truly appreciate all the work dedication & time Kristie has put in with me & my son Ja’Vien she has been like a second mother to us she has went beyond her way & made sure she stayed with us every step of it. God knows this was hard for me but he sent her to us & I will for ever be grateful for her. Ty sooo much for all u have done for my family I pray we never have to let this be the end of our relationship Truly Kenya & JaVien

Robert M.


As a Dayton Attorney, I have have both worked with Anthony and battled against him in Court for over 25 years. He is a great litigator and a fierce advocate for his client! Besides that, his word is his bond!



Make the Call! Call the VanNoy Firm first!! I spent days, calling around to different firms seeking legal assistance. Our lives can change in an instant and if you are faced with a legal challenge, call the VanNoy Firm! I was blessed to have the support, guidance and overall experience that I did with the VanNoy Firm. Kristie Gotwald represented me in a Child Custody Case. Kristie’s commitment to my case was exceptional. Kristie’s communication, not only with me but also with the court and the opposing layer, kept me confident that Kristie was continuing to fight for justice everyday. I am thankful, grateful and so blessed to have found such a committed and talented lawyer. Kristie’s knowledge and experience provided strength through my court case. Kristie conquered, representing true justice. Kristie Gotwald is the lawyer to represent you, as she was for me and my son. The VanNoy Firm is who you need to call. I had the best experience working with the entire firm. Each time I called the office, my calls were received with immediate attention. I was also blessed to meet Mr. VanNoy himself. My son and I will forever be thankful that God led us to the VanNoy Firm. Thank You, Kristie Gotwald and The VanNoy Firm – you excel in all ways and you served justice for my son and I. WE WON!!!

Jenny L.


Amazing Grace

August J.


I highly recommend Kristie L. Gotwald, Esq. from the VanNoy Firm. My cousin avoided a lot of serious time because of her. She was always pleasant and professional and I really appreciate her honesty and transparency through the whole process

Terry F.


Great person and a great lawyer!

Katy S.


ANTHONY is the best!! Handled my boyfriends case like it was nothing in and out very quickly!! I would recommend using this law firm!!

Kaleb T.


Anthony is the BEST handled my case very swiftly and efficiently!!!!

Myron F.


I wanted to take the time to personally thank the VanNoy firm for their professionalism, and very courteous assistance in my legal matters. They helped me get going in the proper direction even being from out of state. Would’ve never expected so much help and such expert advice with a really caring type of attitude. I will highly recommend as well as personally used the VanNoy firm with any future legal matters that they are able and willing to take action on

Jonathan L.


Mr. Vannoy was excellent in advising and handling the whole legal process, would highly recommend the Vannoy Firm for your legal matters.Mr.Vannoy l will always be greatful. And Ms. Kathy your the best.

Tony B.


I have nothing bad at all to say about this man from the beginning to the end of my case the way he handled himself very laid back soft spoken but Is heard when he speak very professional and take the time to talk to you and explain things so that you understand I pray I’ll never need another lawyer but if I do it will be mr vanNoy once again thanks for your help

Randy O.

Mr. VanNoy is a real Johnnie Cochran. The best attorney ever!!!



Loved it, great staff!!



Personal service at its best!



I would like to give Anthony and his entire staff a 5-star review for a recent incident that they assisted my family with. They were all wonderful to work with and they truly do care about their clients. If you are looking for legal representation, I cannot recommend them high enough!



Having an easy time with this firm.



The VanNoy Firm was a guiding light and ray of hope to my family. Attorney VanNoy knows his trade and prepares his cases with skill and expertise. His attention to detail and knowledge of laws are exceptional. He was compassionate, has integrity, informative, and fully invested. I knew I could trust him. He has an engaging presence in the courtroom. He is an attorney that will do everything in his power to fight for you. His hard work and diligence resulted in a favorable outcome in my family’s case. Not only was he a standout; his team were as equally efficient and committed as well. I would highly recommend the VanNoy Firm without reservation. He made what could have been the worst day of my life, the best day of my life.



Kristie L. Gotwald, Esq. handled my case in a professional manner. I appreciated her persistence to get the best results for my case. I never had any issues getting in contact with her, and she always responded in a timely manner. I highly recommend her!



Wonderful people! Gets the job done.



Attorney Gotwald is very professional, really listens to you and responds promptly to questions/ concerns.



Anthony VanNoy is hands down the best attorney in the Dayton area! Has handled several things for my family & always gets the best outcome. Will definitely fight for you.



Great staff and amazing defense team I’d recommend them all 10/10.



He listens to the problem.



Mr. VanNoy is The Definition of a SUPER LAWYER ??? I am Beyond SATISFIED With the Work he’s Done with my Case. I Can’t Be More Happier with the Outcome of My legal Situation. Take My Word. He is Patient, Professional, And Determined to Fight for His Clients. please Hire Mr. VanNoy for Your Legal Issues. He will get the Job Done RIGHT! He helped me tremendously I’ve Never Met any Attorney Like him. ??❤️??



If you’re looking for an awesome Attorney I highly recommend The VanNoy Law Firm. Anthony VanNoy did an awesome job representing my father. He is very professional, knowledgeable and a great individual. Everybody is kind, friendly, and welcoming at the firm. More importantly, he loves God and is a man of integrity this shows in the way he fights for what’s right for his clients. Thank you, I’m forever grateful!



I have nothing bad at all to say about this man from the beginning to the end of my case the way he handled himself was very laid back soft-spoken but Is heard when he speak very professional and take the time to talk to you and explain things so that you understand I pray I’ll never need another lawyer but if I do it will be Mr. VanNoy once again thanks for your help.



I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my case. From the first time I met with my team to our last interaction, I always felt like I wasn’t a number or a case, I was a person. The whole team was professional, responsive to my calls and concerns, and fought for the outcome I deserved. They even sent me an Ele cupcake for my birthday. I recommend this firm to everyone I know and will return if I ever need services in the future!



I am giving this firm a five-star rating for two reasons. First is the professional way in which I was treated. Every person I spoke with at this firm was professional and extremely courteous. I felt as though I was being treated as a natural person and NOT just a client. In many professional settings, clients are treated as such clients. Therefore they are held at arm’s length. This gives off the impression a client is just a number, and there is a coldness and sterility to the service. I was NOT treated in this manner at the Vannoy Firm. Whatever my issue was, the office staff and Mr. Vannoy listened to me and heard me and responded accordingly. I am giving this form a five-star rating because I believe Mr. Vannoy to be a man of integrity. The original agreement was for services to be rendered at a specific fee for a particular time, a typical service contract at an hourly rate. My situation was a bit unique and required specific attention, which Mr. Vannoy gave. There is no doubt in my mind he had more time invested in my case than initially quoted. Mr. Vannoy honored the original agreement. I feel this sets him apart from most others. I am thrilled with the outcome of my case.


Anthony VanNoy is an absolutely top-notch attorney. From start to finish, my case was handled with empathy, efficiency, and utter professionalism. The outcome was better than I’d dared to hope for and I cannot recommend him or his firm highly enough.



I first want to thank the staff and the company itself I work with Brittany and it was so smooth on my end they took care of everything. They had no problem working with me even when I live the incident happened in a different state. Very very professional in my eyes and my family’s.



The VanNoy Firm took the initiative to advocate for me in my very difficult situation. When no one else would listen to me, they did. They were very supportive and understanding and I am very appreciative for their services. They went above and beyond what I would have ever expected. Thank you so much. And by the way, they are AWESOME!!! Carl. M



Great experience and I would recommend to anyone in need of counsel for any civil/ Legal matter. They have people that specialized in certain areas and they can give you information or tell you which way you need to go with the case. I had a great experience and my friend called last week and the same professional help was given! Call them you won’t be sorry!



Attorney VanNoy is very professional, explaining everything to you the way things are ..helps you understand in today’s terms versus law terms.


I’m about in tears as I type this review!! I have NEVER experienced a law firm such as this!! They really do treat you like family and it means oh so much to me. Especially during this trying time!! They came to my job and bought me a ele’ cupcake and a birthday card!!! What law firm does that?????

I probably can’t thank them enough but I will recommend this company!! They truly care about what you go through and are with you EVERY step of the way!! Thank you to the VanNoy firm and thank you Lord for truly blessing me???


I feel morally obligated to write this testimonial. The VanNoy firm is the ideal; personable, professional, and simply brilliant group of committed individuals. They really came through for me in a scary time of my life. I couldn’t have asked better representation or experience than what they provided. Wholeheartedly, thank you very much for all of your work.


The VanNoy firm was excellent, trustworthy, and reliable. Anthony VanNoy is smart, dependable!


Anthony was superb. I gave him a list of things I wanted out of my trial and he delivered.


I truly want to take the time to say what an amazing person Attorney VanNoy is. My son was going through a terrible battle with his son’s mother, and truly Anthony took care of him like he was his own son. It does the heart good to see that there are such caring good people in this world. He made my son whole again happy again and most important he got him his son!!! I will never be able to explain what he has done for my family. Attorney VanNoy truly cares about his clients and the well-being of them. Even me as the Grandmother he put up with me literally crying to him. And his words telling me “everything is going to be ok, Jake’s got this” he was right!!!! so a huge thank you for everything !!!!


Such an amazing attorney! He worked very hard on my husbands case.



Can’t say enough good things about Mr VanNoy. Highly recommend.


The VanNoy attorneys successfully represented me when I felt lost in a frightening system. The VanNoy support staff were helpful and responsive as well, obviously caring that the case was handled professionally and quickly. I knew I made the correct choice for an attorney with the first meeting. Mr VanNoy thoughtfully guided me through an emotional process, and I feel blessed to have worked with him. Thank you.


“My family and I believe that God led us to your firm for you to do just what you did—and that is, settle the case in a fair and an appropriate manner. THANK YOU.

Throughout our meetings, you demonstrated a calm and confident demeanor, extensive knowledge of the law as it related to the case, and the mental armor needed to acquire a favorable outcome. You also provided invaluable information and wisdom.

Last, but certainly not least, we appreciate your top-notch staff. They made us feel comfortable on the phone and in person.”



Anthony, Lynn and everyone I’ve dealt with so far at this firm have been wonderful. They have tried to make a really difficult time in my life a little easier on me and my son. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing a great lawyer.


Mr. VanNoy did an amazing job handling my case. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome!


Awesome trial lawyer!



The staff is truly professional. Mr. VanNoy is a great lawyer.



They are awesome and very helpful!



Attorney VanNoy, Handled my case with extreme competency. Beyond that, his approach showed that he was concerned about me as a person.


As I begin a new year and reflect on the past year, one thing I really want to do is express my sincere appreciation for the help and service rendered to me by you and your staff. I was very worried and concerned about my situation, and your counsel was reassuring and extremely helpful. For this I am grateful. I would also like for you to convey my appreciation and thanks to Sharon, who was very patient with me when I called. She was always very kind when I spoke to her, and I really needed that at the time.


Words cannot begin to express what you mean to me and my family nor what you have done for us. I believe God places people in our lives for a reason and I thank Him each and every day for placing you in ours. First I want to thank you for standing by my side and believing in me during a great test in my life. Thank you for consoling and reassuring my family who were deeply pain. Thank you for fighting for my innocence as though I were your very own. Most of all, thank you for trusting in God and being obedient to Him. Because of this, He was able to work in and through you. You are truly a wonderful and great man, who has such a great purpose in life and many more blessings to come. From the bottom of my heart and the hearts of my mother, grandmother, sister and the entire family, we would like to say thank you for all of your compassion, love, and faith.


I would like to thank you for taking the time from your very busy day to meet with my students at the University of Dayton School of Law. Your insights were very invaluable and I am certain that the students learned a great deal about trial practice, and particularly about closing arguments, from your comments. Your enthusiasm for your craft is infectious. I thoroughly enjoy having the privilege to watch you in trial.  I appreciate your commitment to the law school and the preparation of students for the practice of law. Thank you again for your assistance and your willingness to meet with these aspiring trial lawyers.


This letter is to express our utmost appreciation and thanks for the excellent job you and your team did for us on our case. As you know, lasted over a year before it went to trial, and our lives were turned upside down. Me and my daughter lived with that weight over our heads the entire time, knowing we were innocent. If it wasn’t for you and the rest of your staff’s undying faith and support, we would have never been exonerated. You believed in us from the start. It is so disheartening that even in today’s world you can be accused of something you are innocent of, and suddenly have your freedom on the line. On the other hand, it is so heartwarming to know that there are people like you and your team, whose caring and professional attitudes have the ability to fight till the end for what’s right, and bring vindication to those who are wrongfully accused. We will be forever grateful to you and your staff, You all did a spectacular job and will always be hero’s in our book.


I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for taking my case, and representing me when I felt un-representable. I have such deep respect for you, standing up for the worst, presenting them as the best. You have personified the greatest lawyer that I know, Jesus Christ. I truly believed that the Lord used you for His glory to be revealed. You were given wisdom from above and it was very evident every step of the way. When I felt like panicking, your gentle nod, disarming smile, and calm demeanor gave me the confidence to realize that I was not alone, and that everything was going to be okay. You told me, “What the enemy meant for evil, God would turn it around for my good.” I know that I have been given mercy, grace and favor from the Lord through people. I believe to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Thank you again my brother and my friend, for what you have done for me.

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