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When facing any type of criminal charges in Ohio, you need a strong, experienced criminal defense attorney on your side. Even in cases in which there is overwhelming evidence against you, we can help you avoid some of the harshest penalties associated with a conviction. Spending time in jail can impact your safety, your relationships with family, and your financial security. Fortunately, there are alternative options available

Pretrial Diversion Programs in Ohio

For first-time offenders charged with non-violent crimes, pretrial diversion programs in Ohio can help you avoid not only jail time, but also the criminal record associated with a conviction. Based on the circumstances surrounding your case, we may be able to convince the prosecuting attorney that you are not likely to commit another offense in the future and negotiate alternative arrangements to avoid going to trial. 

The type of pretrial diversion program you enter will depend on where you live and the types of charges you face. It will generally involve the following: 

  • Performance of community service;
  • Attendance at mandatory drug and alcohol or counseling classes;
  • Periodic check-ins with the court or a probation officer;
  • Requirements regarding your residence and maintaining a job. 

If you fail to adhere to the program, commit another crime, or violate any terms of your agreement, an automatic guilty plea will be entered in your case. As a result, you could face fines, a jail sentence, and a criminal record. 

Other Alternative Sentencing Options

Pretrial diversion is a one-shot deal. Once you go through the program, you are ineligible to use it for any future charges. However, there are some additional alternative sentencing options available if pretrial diversion does not apply or is no longer an option in your case. These include: 

  • Electronic Monitoring/House Arrest: Depending on the crime and other circumstances surrounding your case, you may be eligible for house arrest. This involves wearing an electronic monitoring device and being subject to unscheduled visits to ensure compliance with all the terms of the program. 
  • Community Alternative Sentencing Centers: This is an alternative to jail, which allows you to serve your sentence in a more relaxed and residential setting. Most focus on treatment for alcohol or drug addictions and other disorders. 
  • Work Release Community Service: If you are required to go to jail, work release can allow you to leave the facility and perform work for non-profit organizations while receiving credits towards your release. 

Our Dayton Criminal Defense Lawyers are Here to Help

Facing a potential criminal conviction and the possibility of a jail sentence is a frightening prospect. At the Van Noy Firm, we provide the professional legal representation you need to protect yourself and your freedom. Contact our Dayton criminal defense lawyers and request a consultation today. 



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