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I’m Being Accused Of Embezzlement – What Do I Do?

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No matter what kind of theft charge you encounter, it can be daunting to face the criminal justice system.

A theft crimes defense lawyer at The VanNoy Firm can help you know what to expect from your case and how to beat your charges.

If you’re looking for an experienced theft crime attorney in Dayton, you can depend on us. 

Ohio law has punishments for varying degrees of theft, ranging from misdemeanor theft crimes punishable by small fines and a short jail sentence to felony theft crimes, which can result in extended prison terms and very expensive fines.

Although theft accusations can arise from several situations, it is essential to take these allegations seriously. Theft offenses are commonly known as crimes of dishonesty or crimes involving moral turpitude, which can hurt your ability to be accepted into certain graduate school programs or colleges and ineligibility to apply for specific jobs or pursue certain professions or occupations.

Understanding Theft Crime Charges in Ohio

A theft crime is loosely defined as exerting control over another person’s property or services to deprive that individual of that property or those services. Regardless of the charges, any theft offense can result in weighty punishments.

The theft charges that we fight against at The VanNoy Firm include:

  • Embezzlement
  • Burglary
  • Petty theft
  • Grand theft
  • Grand theft auto
  • Shoplifting
  • Robbery / Armed robbery

Regardless of whether you encounter a misdemeanor or felony theft charge, our top-rated criminal defense lawyers in Dayton will fight to get your charges reduced or dismissed.

Potential Defenses to Embezzlement

Embezzlement is a kind of financial fraud and is deemed a white-collar crime

Embezzlement is often defined as the misappropriation of assets by a person who was entrusted with their care. Depending on the value of the assets embezzled and the kind of assets (bank or investment funds, etc.), embezzlement may be a federal crime, state crime, or both. In most circumstances, embezzlement is a grave offense with very strict penalties, including serious jail time.

What Are Defenses for an Embezzlement Charge?

It’s critical to have a lawyer who is familiar with all the different possible defenses to an embezzlement charge:

  • Entrapment: This is when the government sets you up or compels you to commit a crime that would otherwise have not been committed. For example, regarding embezzlement, this could be the government setting up bait assets to get you to commit embezzlement.
  • Insufficient Evidence: This defense may seem straightforward; however, a high percentage of federal embezzlement cases get dismissed due to lack of evidence. Thus, this may be a defense worth seeking.
  • No Intent: As with many crimes, embezzlement requires that the crime be intentional. You must have purposely attempted to take assets from others for your gain. If, for instance, you believed the assets were owned by you and did not know they belonged to someone else, the charge may get dropped. 
  • Duress: Although somewhat rare, duress can be a viable defense depending on the circumstances. Duress is when individuals think they will be harmed or placed in danger unless they commit a crime. For instance, if your employer forces you to embezzle money, otherwise you will lose your job, that could be considered duress.

It’s up to you and your lawyer to talk about these possible defenses and others and resolve which defense is best for your case.

Contact an Experienced Dayton Theft Crimes Lawyer

Contact The VanNoy Firm for a consultation today about your alleged embezzlement crime. Our attorneys are experienced in defending people who have been charged with theft offenses and will make our best effort to fight the allegations against you. 



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