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Compared to other states in the United States, Ohio is one of the most lenient with its weapons charges and firearm laws. Specifically, Ohio is an open-carry state meaning residents are permitted to open-carry a firearm without a permit, except in vehicles or businesses that sell alcohol. You are required to have a permit to conceal carry a firearm in the state. Further, there are various restrictions to where you may not carry, even with a permit, such as within 1,000 feet of school property and in government buildings. Despite the relative leniency with Ohio’s weapons charges, there are various reasons someone may face a weapons charge in Ohio. If you’re facing a weapons charge, consider discussing your case with a weapons charge attorney in Dayton.

Types of Weapon Charges in Ohio

There are many different potential weapon charges that someone in Ohio may face. It’s important to recognize that if you are in possession of a concealed weapon without a permit, you are illegally carrying and are at risk of getting charged as such. This charge may result in a first-degree misdemeanor or fourth-degree felony if loaded, where you may face up to 18 months in prison and/or a maximum fine of $5,000. If you have prior identical convictions, you will face greater sentencing.  

Other weapon charges relate to the use of firearms in certain locations or situations, such as being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or within a prohibited area like a school premise. 

A weapons charge is not solely for firearms. Possessing the following weapons may also result in a weapons charge:  explosives, bombs, grenades, military weapons, silencers, sawed-off firearms, automatic firearms, and ballistic knives. 

The Role of a Weapons Charge Attorney in Dayton

If you are facing a weapons charge in Ohio, a weapons charge attorney in Dayton may help you. There are many roles that an attorney may play in your case. First, they will analyze all details of your case to get a greater understanding of the situations surrounding your charge. They will come up with potential defenses for your charge by identifying weak areas of the case. Examples of potential defenses include but are not limited to an illegal search and seizure, if there is a lack of evidence on the prosecutor’s end, and if you required the weapon of possession for self-defense. 

Your attorney may also manage all negotiations and settlements involved in your case if avoiding trial is desired. However, if agreements cannot be made, they will represent you in court and present details of your case in ways that may benefit you in the long run. Throughout this legal procedure, your attorney will be there to support you and explain each step of the process. For someone without formal legal experience, hiring a weapons charge attorney in Dayton could help you feel more confident in your representation before a judge. 

Hire a Weapons Charge Attorney in Dayton

If you are facing a weapons charge in Ohio, consider working with an experienced weapons charge attorney in Dayton. They can guide you through your case and ensure that you comprehend the severity of the charge you are facing. The knowledgeable attorneys at The VanNoy Firm will support you compassionately throughout your legal proceedings. If you’re ready to receive additional support throughout your weapons charge, contact us today and schedule a consultation to discuss how we can best help you. 

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