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An accusation of domestic violence can feel like a punch to the gut in multiple ways. On the one hand, the accuser is someone whom you know well and someone for whom you presumably care. On the other hand, a domestic violence conviction in Troy, Ohio carries with it harsh penalties. Ohio does not look kindly upon domestic violence offenders and doles out strict punishments to the guilty. If you are found guilty, you face jail time, fines, and a criminal record. Not only that, but your very future may be tarnished. Past and future relationships may suffer, as will your career and your reputation.

Though a domestic violence charge in and of itself is harmful, a conviction is much worse. If you have been charged with domestic violence in Troy, OH, take the first step to defending your name and your reputation. Contact a Troy domestic violence lawyer today.

Types of Domestic Violence Charges in Ohio

Domestic violence, as defined by Ohio law, is a violent or threatening act against a family or household member. A person commits domestic violence when he or she threatens a family or household member with physical force, thereby causing fear, or when he or she knowingly and recklessly causes physical harm. Domestic violence can be either a misdemeanor or a felony. Which the state will charge a person with all depends on the injuries caused, the circumstances surrounding the abuse, and whether or not the offender has prior convictions.

  • Domestic violence that results in harm is a first-degree misdemeanor in Troy. However, if the offender has any prior convictions on his or her record, or if he or she knew about the victim’s pregnant state, the state increases the charge to a felony charge. Whether the felony is one of the third, fourth, or fifth-degree depends on the number of prior convictions and the severity of the act. The state also considers whether or not an unborn child was harmed.
  • Domestic violence as a threat is a fourth-degree misdemeanor. However, if the offender is a prior offender, or if he or she knew that the victim was pregnant at the time of making the threat, the state will increase the charge to a misdemeanor of the first, second, or third-degree.

Regardless of what type of domestic violence charge a person receives, if convicted, he or she faces jail time, fines, probation, and more.

Consequences of a Domestic Violence Conviction in Ohio

The penalties for a domestic violence conviction in Troy vary depending on the type of conviction a person ultimately receives. The punishment schedule is as follows:

  • First-Degree Misdemeanor carries a jail sentence of up to six months and/or a fine of up to $1,000;
  • Second-Degree Misdemeanor carries a jail sentence of up to 90 days and/or a fine of up to $750;
  • Third-Degree Misdemeanor carries a jail sentence of up to 60 days and/or a fine of up to $500;
  • Fifth-Degree Felony carries a prison sentence of no less than six months but no more than 12 months and a fine up of up to $2,500;
  • Fourth-Degree Felony carries a prison term of between six and eighteen months and a fine of up to $5,000; and
  • Third-Degree Felony carries a prison sentence of no less than nine months and no more than three years and a fine of up to $10,000

Your Defense to Domestic Violence Charges in Troy

If you were charged with domestic violence in Troy, your future and your reputation may be at stake. Do not take chances by trying to fight the charges on your own. Contact an experienced Troy domestic violence lawyer to help with your case. Call The VanNoy Firm today to schedule your private consultation.

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