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Nearly everyone knows that operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol (OVI or DUI) is against the law in Montgomery County, the state of Ohio, and throughout the country as a whole. What you may not know, however, is exactly what constitutes a DUI offense, what the penalties for a DUI crime are, or whether or not you can defend yourself against DUI charges, and how to do so. If you’ve been charged with a DUI in Montgomery County, our experienced DUI attorneys at the law offices of The VanNoy Firm can help. Reach out to us today for a consultation with our skilled criminal defense lawyers.

What Constitutes a DUI in Montgomery County?

It is against the law for a person to operate a motor vehicle while:

  • Under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or a combination; or
  • The person has a blood alcohol concentration level of .08 percent or above.

This means that a person can be charged with a DUI even if their BAC is less than .08 percent. Proof of BAC makes a conviction easier to secure for the prosecution, but it is not required.

Penalties for a DUI Offense

The extent and severity of penalty that a party charged with a DUI offense will face depends on whether or not the crime is a first-time offense, the amount of alcohol in the blood, and whether or not there were any other factors that make the crime more serious, such as a minor in the vehicle at the time of impairment, or the intoxicated person causing a crash with property damage or bodily injury. Penalties may also differ if the person refused to submit to a chemical test of their blood alcohol content when requested to do so by an officer.

For a first-time DUI offense, jail time is rare, but it is possible, and the offender may be looking at a jail period of up to six months. While it is also unlikely that the party will be ordered to have an interlock ignition device installed on their vehicle, there will be a mandatory license suspension period imposed. The party will also face a fine, and may be required to attend alcohol education or rehabilitation classes as well. Of course, the offense will appear on the person’s permanent record, which can make obtaining employment more difficult in the future.

How Our Montgomery County DUI Attorneys Can Help

Our criminal defense attorneys believe that regardless of the crime of which you’ve been accused, a person deserves a legal advocate on their side and the ability to defend themselves against charges. When you hire our law firm, we will analyze the evidence against you and how it was acquired, and look for ways to have evidence withheld from court, dismissed, or to have charges against you dropped or lessened. Your best interests are our top priority.

To schedule a consultation with our legal team today, please reach out to us by sending us a confidential message using the contact form on our website. You can also call us directly at your convenience.

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