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Montgomery County Divorce Lawyer

Divorce law encompasses a rather large array of services including, but not limited to: 

  • Asset separation, 
  • Child custody, 
  • Child support,
  • Alimony or spousal support,
  • Adoptions,
  • Same-sex divorces,
  • Prenuptial agreements,
  • And modifications to existing divorce agreements.

The VanNoy Firm is proud to represent the interests of both spouses and couples throughout Montgomery County. Divorce will likely be one of the most stressful times in your life, but it is a new beginning, too. It is a chance to start fresh. Our attorneys can help you streamline the process of untangling your finances and moving forward with your life.

The VanNoy Firm Divorce Attorneys Serve Montgomery County

One of the foremost reasons why individual spouses seek the representation of attorneys is that attorneys can provide them with a detached, dispassionate perspective on what will very likely be among the most emotionally taxing events in their lives. The Montgomery County attorneys at The VanNoy Firm provide expert counsel regardless of the means by which a couple intends to dissolve their marriage.

The VanNoy Firm Divorce Lawyer Can Explain Your Options

There are three different ways to dissolve a marriage. These are mediation, litigation, and collaborative divorce. Mediation is the least adversarial way to dissolve a divorce. It is also the cheapest, and when the two sides can come together to agree on an arrangement that meets everyone’s needs, then it is also the fastest. The Montgomery County attorneys at The VanNoy Firm can advise you if mediation makes sense in your divorce. We can also mediate your divorce, or we can look over a divorce decree to ensure that your rights and interests are protected once it is signed.

The Vital Role of Montgomery County Lawyers

When a couple is miles apart in the negotiating process or enough bad blood exists to erode any possibility of coming to an amicable agreement on their own, then they require the court to decide on key matters relating to their divorce. Mediation or collaborative methods of dissolving a divorce will not necessarily be appropriate for all couples. The Montgomery County divorce lawyers at the VanNoy Firm can advocate fiercely on your behalf when the situation calls for it.

Talk to a Montgomery County Divorce Lawyer

The VanNoy Firm has successfully represented the interests of spouses and couples who are going about dissolving their marriage. For many, the stakes are high. There are issues of custody and support to be hammered out. Assets must be equitably divided. We can help. Give us a call or contact us online today.

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