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The show 90-day fiancé has shed a spotlight on fiancé visas, which are also referred to as K1 visas. This particular immigration topic allows the fiancé of a U.S. citizen to enter the county for 90 days. During the 90-days, they must marry and then apply for permanent residence. While the reality show makes it seem like this is a simple process, it can take years to get the 90-days approved. Long-distance relationships are challenging and even more so when the couple lives in different countries. 

Requirement for a Fiancé Visa

The Department of Homeland Security has basic requirements for U.S. citizens to file for a K1 visa. You must have met your fiancé in person within the last two years. The time limit is from the date that you file the petition. You must intend to marry and show that this intention is genuine. The marriage should be based on the intention to build a life together and not on immigration benefits. Lastly, you must marry within 90 days. 

Eligibility for K1 Visa

Couples are not eligible for a fiancé visa if they marry in another country or are already residing legally in the United States together. You must be a U.S. citizen to apply for a fiancé visa. Both parties must also be free to marry, meaning neither of you is currently married or in a relationship. 

While meeting in person two years before filing is required, this can be waived for one of two reasons if meeting in person goes against customs or social practices for either fiancé. The second reason would be if meeting in person caused hardship to the U.S. citizen. It would be beneficial to discuss your options with an experienced immigration attorney near Dayton

The Process of Obtaining a K1 Visa

Bringing your fiancé to the United States is complex and requires several stages. After each step in the process, you and your fiancé will undergo background checks. The steps for a K1 visa include

  • Filing a petition for the fiancé
  • Visa application 
  • Port entry inspection
  • Marriage
  • Adjustment of status 

There will be various interviews and biometrical data collection throughout the process. It can sometimes take years to have your 90-day request approved. Many U.S. citizens will try to handle the process independently, which often results in a denial. The best way to get favorable results would be to find K1 visa lawyers near Dayton.  

Failing to Marry Within 90 Days

When a couple does not marry within the allotted 90-days, the fiancé will need to return to their country. If the fiancé does not depart on their own, they will be subject to deportation. If your fiancé brought their children with them, they must also exit the country. You cannot extend these visas, but you will still be able to marry after 90 days. 

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