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Juvenile Defense Attorney Near Dayton

Having your child arrested or getting caught up in the criminal system is nothing any parent wishes for, but it happens or can happen even in the best of circumstances. In the unfortunate event your child has been charged with breaking the law in Dayton, Ohio, your immediate concerns could be whether your child is going to jail or will suffer other consequences, such as having a permanent criminal record. You can relieve many of those concerns by talking to an experienced juvenile defense attorney near Dayton.

Our experienced lawyers will do our best to make sure your child does not face the serious consequences of breaking the law. Some of these consequences include being sent to juvenile detention, being placed on probation, or even in some cases, being charged as an adult with even more severe consequences. The child can also face collateral consequences, such as having a permanent criminal record and lasting adverse effects on educational, housing, and employment opportunities. 

A Dayton juvenile defense attorney from The VanNoy Firm is here and ready to aggressively help in fighting the criminal charges against your child. A dedicated lawyer from our firm will not only aggressively fight the charges your child is facing, but we will also do so with the compassion and caring you can only expect from a dedicated juvenile defense attorney.

What You Can Expect from a Juvenile Defense Attorney

Our intention is to do everything possible to get the best outcome for your child – an outcome that minimizes both the direct and indirect consequences this bad experience could have on the rest of his or her life. We have been practicing in Dayton for years and know the local court system very well, including the judges, prosecutors, probation officers, and investigators involved in the prosecution of criminal cases. This knowledge, combined with our skills in criminal law, puts your child’s case in the hands of a lawyer who can seek the best possible outcome.

Some of the defense strategies we employ take place even before your child goes to court, as we can use our knowledge and skills to try and have the charges against your child dropped or reduced whenever possible.

In some cases, we can push for your child to participate in a Juvenile Diversion Program instead of receiving a traditional sentence. This is particularly desirable when your child faces possible placement in a detention facility. Being placed in a diversion program allows your child the opportunity to avoid severe punishment and other consequences they would otherwise suffer if adjudicated guilty.

If your child is charged in adult court, we have the necessary experience to defend against their charges there, as well. 

Speak with a Juvenile Defense Attorney Near Dayton Right Away

If your child has been charged with a criminal offense, contact The VanNoy Firm today, and one of our dedicated attorneys will talk with you about how we can help you. We are dedicated to helping Dayton juveniles and their families.

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