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Being a green card holder offers benefits to immigrants wishing to work and reside in the U.S. But actually getting a green card or permanent resident card (PRC) could be a challenge for many individuals. Thankfully, a green card lawyer in Dayton could help walk you through every step of the way and understand what to expect at every stage of the entire application process. 

The green card lawyers in Dayton of The VanNoy Firm can likewise provide legal assistance in case you encounter any roadblocks, including grounds of inadmissibility

Qualification Requirements for a Green Card

Based on your specific situation, your might qualify for a green card through one of these methods: 

  • Family-based sponsorship by a lawful permanent resident or U.S. citizen
  • Employment
  • Political asylum
  • Diversity Visa Program or lottery

When you apply for permanent residency, it’s crucial to apply under the appropriate eligibility category. For instance, if an employer is sponsoring you, you must qualify under one of the employment-based categories. Likewise, marriage or family-based green cards will require evidence of your relationship with the U.S. sponsor. 

But the green card application process could be extensive, and processing times could significantly vary. And since each case is unique, it’s best to consult a skilled green card lawyer in Dayton to learn more about your particular circumstances. 

The Benefits of Being a Green Card Holder

Being a lawful permanent resident of the United States is the main goal for many foreign nationals who come to the country wanting a better life. Being a green card holder comes with excellent benefits, such as: 

  • Live in the U.S. lawfully and permanently
  • Work in the U.S. without needing a sponsor
  • Start a business of your own
  • Get life and health insurance
  • Take out a mortgage and buy a home
  • Travel overseas and go back to the U.S. without fear that you’ll be denied re-entry

Likewise, you get the privilege of petitioning green cards for eligible family members. Additionally, you get to apply for U.S. citizenship five years after getting your green card. 

Green Card Denial

The USCIS can deny a green card application for several reasons, including: 

  • Illegal or fraudulent entry in the country
  • A criminal conviction
  • For family-sponsored applications, inadequate proof of relationship
  • For employer-sponsored applications, insufficient qualifications
  • Getting flagged as a security threat to the country

If your application is denied, our green card lawyer in Dayton can evaluate your case and determine the most suitable options for you. You can appeal your case and reopen it with new supporting documentation or proof to strengthen your case. 

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Whether you’re dreaming of working in the U.S. or reuniting with your loved ones, getting a green card might be a vital aspect of your immigration goals. While you can go through the entire process alone, it could be challenging to ensure that you have solid documentation and could answer the interview questions without any issues. 

This is where the help of our competent green card lawyer in Dayton can come in handy. Contact the VanNoy Firm today by phone or online to schedule your consultation. 

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