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Icon for our Dayton DUI attorneys at the VanNoy Firm There is nothing wrong with having a few drinks on a night out. However, if you end up getting behind the wheel, you could find yourself facing potentially serious criminal charges. Police are aggressive in citing motorists for driving under the influence of Fairborn. If you are facing these types of charges, it is important to contact the Van Noy Firm immediately to get our legal team fighting on your side. 

As experienced Fairborn DUI lawyers, we provide the kind of tough legal representation you need in this situation. With decades worth of combined experience serving residents of our community, you can trust us to help you avoid the penalties associated with a conviction. 

Penalties For DUI Offenses in Fairborn, Ohio

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a leading cause of car accidents. To prevent DUI related crashes in Fairborn, law enforcement officials monitor the roads on a regular basis, pulling over drivers and conducting DUI checkpoints. Under the Ohio Revised Code, you can face DUI charges if you have a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of at least 0.08, or even if you simply appear to be impaired. 

At The Van Noy Firm, we defend drivers in these situations. As experienced Fairborn DUI lawyers, we provide the trusted legal guidance and professional representation you need to avoid a conviction. Penalties for DUI in Ohio are harsh and include: 

  • Heavy fines: For a first DUI, these could reach up to $1,075. Subsequent offenses could result in fines of up to $2,750 or more. 
  • Mandatory minimum jail sentences: These can vary from six months to up to five years imprisonment, depending on any DUI charges you may have had in the past. 
  • Driver’s license suspension: The minimum amount of time your license could be suspended is one year. The maximum is the total revocation of your driving privileges. 

In addition to these penalties, you will also face court costs, mandatory community service requirements, and license reinstatement fees. A DUI can also impact your job and may prevent you from working in certain occupations. 

How Our Fairborn DUI Lawyers Protect You

To protect yourself against the above penalties, get our legal team fighting on your side. As experienced Fairborn DUI lawyers, the Van Noy Firm aggressively represents clients in the Greene County Courts. Actions we can take include: 

  • Reviewing the circumstances surrounding your traffic stop;
  • Reviewing the procedures followed during your arrest;
  • Disputing the results or admissibility of any DUI testing conducted;
  • Negotiating with law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges to have your charges dropped or reduced. 

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Do not take chances when it comes to DUIs. Get the Van Noy Firm on your side. To request a consultation, call or contact our Fairborn DUI lawyers online today.   

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