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For drivers young and old alike, and from all backgrounds and demographics, being charged with a DUI/OVI (operating a vehicle while intoxicated) offense is a terrifying thought. Unfortunately, having one too many and getting behind the wheel happens to even the most responsible of people.

If you are arrested and charged with an OVI offense in Dayton, Ohio or surrounding areas, you should contact an OVI attorney near you immediately. An attorney can promptly get to work investigating your case, having evidence against you dismissed, and building your defense. To schedule your consultation with the aggressive Ohio OVI defense attorneys at The VanNoy Firm, use our online form or call our offices today.

Why You Should Work with a DUI/OVI Attorney

Being charged with a DUI/OVI offense is very serious, and even if you can afford the fines and the potential risk of having your license revoked, the humiliation of the offense and the mandatory jail time (between three and six days for a first offense, depending upon a person’s blood alcohol concentration level) can be a lot to live with. Further, if you are convicted of a DUI, it will go on your criminal record. This means that every time a potential employer or landlord asks you if you have ever been convicted of a crime, you are legally obligated to answer yes. As such, a DUI is not only embarrassing, but can also be severely limiting for future opportunities.

How an Attorney Helps You Defend Yourself Against OVI Charges

An attorney’s job is to defend you against OVI charges and secure the best outcome for your case as possible. As such, your attorney will begin by exploring possible defenses to the OVI charges, such as lack of probable cause for the officer pulling you over in the first place, an improperly administered field sobriety test, defective breathalyzer test, and more.

If having charges against you dropped or securing a verdict of innocent seems unlikely, your attorney will likely work with the prosecution to strike a plea arrangement. In this type of arrangement, you agree to plead guilty to a criminal charge (not necessarily an OVI charge) in exchange for a concession from the prosecution, such as a reduced charge.

Why You Should Act Quickly

Glass of alcoholic drink and car key, on wooden table, on light background for a top dayton dui lawyerWhile the criminal system is designed to protect you, oftentimes, it doesn’t work that way. Sadly, the longer that you wait to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney, the more your rights may be infringed upon, and the more the odds may become stacked against you. By calling an OVI attorney, you are protecting your best interests and hiring a knowledgeable advocate who cares about the outcome of your case.


To learn more about being charged with operating a vehicle under the influence and what happens next, contact The VanNoy Firm today. Our lawyers will work hard to protect you.

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