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Do you need a DUI attorney near Dayton? Your decision of which attorney you hire could be the difference between jail time and no jail time. It could be the difference between keeping your driver’s license and losing the ability to drive. There is a lot at stake, so seek out the right attorney for your case right away.

Using the Public Defender for Your DUI

Have you ever heard people say you won’t get a very good defense if you use the court-appointed public defender? This isn’t because public defenders are unskilled, it’s because they are overworked. This public defender shortage means these lawyers are often doing the work of five lawyers on their own, which limits the attention they might give to each case. If you want a lawyer who will spend the necessary time required to properly defend a criminal DUI charge, seek to hire a private criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. 

DUI Charges in Dayton

Ohio law refers to DUI as operating a vehicle while impaired (OVI). This charge may apply if:

  • Police officers determined that your blood alcohol content (BAC) was over the limit of 0.08 percent (or lower for underage or commercial drivers), OR
  • Police officers observed signs of impairment, such as red or watery eyes, slurred speech, stumbling, or empty containers in the car.

A first-time OVI conviction can result in a license suspension for one to three years, fines up to $1075, and up to six months in jail. The law takes this offense seriously, and so should you. Seek DUI defense help immediately after your arrest. 

Ask the Right Questions

When you are looking for the right DUI defense law firm, set up consultations and remember you are interviewing them for a job. Bring all your DUI case documents with you, and ask:

  • What are your fees? Will there be a retainer? What’s your hourly rate?
  • How long have you been practicing law? How many DUIs have you handled?
  • Will I be able to get a plea bargain? Can you explain how that works?
  • Is criminal defense your main area of practice? What portion of your business is spent defending DUIs?
  • Will you be my lawyer with me at any court appearances? Will I be with someone else from your firm?

Understand How DUI Plea Bargains Work

Many criminal cases these days, DUIs included, do not go to trial. Generally, your lawyer will make a plea deal with the prosecuting attorney. What will happen once you hire the right DUI lawyer is that he or she will put together a plea offer and reach out for your approval. In other words, in exchange for pleading guilty, you might get reduced charges or sentences. 

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Don’t risk losing your driving privileges or going to jail for a DUI. As criminal defense lawyers near Dayton, we are dedicated to giving you the strongest defense possible. Please read our client testimonials and then reach out to us at The VanNoy Firm.

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