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A domestic violence charge has the potential to alter your life in serious ways, and bringing your strongest defense is key to protecting your legal rights – and your future. If you’ve been charged with domestic violence, don’t delay consulting with an experienced domestic violence lawyer near you

Domestic Violence Charges in Ohio

Domestic violence charges in Ohio apply when a household or family member is alleged to have either engaged in violence or threatening violence to certain individuals. Consider the following two primary examples:

  • Knowingly or recklessly engaging in an action or actions that leave a family member or a member of one’s household physically injured.
  • Either threatening a family member or a member of one’s household with violence or putting a family member or member of one’s family in imminent fear of a violent attack.

Domestic violence charges can range in severity from misdemeanor charges to felony charges – dependent upon the following variables :

  • The unique circumstances involved in the case at hand
  • The degree of injury endured by the person bringing the claim
  • Whether or not the defendant had a prior conviction for domestic violence

The Basic Terms

In basic terms for domestic violence charges have the following definitions:

  • In order for the act to have been knowingly committed, the defendant must have engaged in said act intentionally. 
  • In order for the act to be considered reckless, the defendant must have proceeded without regard for the other person’s safety or for the likely consequences of his or her actions. This means that, even if the defendant didn’t mean to harm his or her accuser, a lack of concern for the family member or member of his or her household or a lack of concern regarding the consequences overall will suffice. 

Alleged Victims of Domestic Violence

In order to qualify as a domestic violence charge, the accused must be one of the following to the person filing the charge:

  • His or her spouse, former spouse, or domestic partner (with whom he or she lived within the previous five years)
  • His or her parent or foster parent
  • His or her child
  • A member of his or her extended family
  • A child, parent, or extended family member of his or her spouse, former spouse, or domestic partner
  • The other parent of his or her child (whether or not they ever lived together)

Misdemeanor vs. Felony Charges

If the domestic violence charge involves the victim being physically harmed, it is generally charged as a first-degree misdemeanor. The charge, however, can be elevated to a felony if the defendant has a prior domestic violence conviction on his or her record of if he or she knew the victim was pregnant when the alleged domestic violence occurred. 

It’s Time to Consult with an Experienced Domestic Violence Lawyer Near You

The accomplished domestic violence lawyers near me at The VanNoy Firm have a wealth of impressive experience zealously advocating for advantageous case resolutions for clients like you. We’re here for you, so please don’t wait to contact us for more information today.

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