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Although the divorce rate has leveled off since the early 2000s, it is still almost twice as high today as it was a generation ago. The divorce rate for second and third marriages is even higher. So, it is virtually certain that divorce will affect you, someone in your family, or someone in your close circle of friends. Whether the marriage lasted a few months or a few decades, a marriage dissolution almost always involves emotional and financial issues.

Even in a “simple” divorce, these issues are normally quite complex. Therefore, divorce clients will probably work closely with their divorce attorneys for several months or maybe even several years. A local divorce attorney in the 45424 ZIP code from the VanNoy Firm is critical in these situations. Our professional team doesn’t just have an office here. We live here as well. So, we understand the needs of families in this area. We are committed to resolving your marriage dissolution on favorable terms at the soonest possible time.

Emotional Issues

Grief and regret are very common in these situations. In fact, if you do not feel these emotions, something may be amiss. Even if they are not unhappy to see their marriages end, many spouses grieve the loss of what might have been. 

A divorce attorney in the 45424 ZIP code is not a psychologist or therapist. So, other than listening to you talk about these issues, there is not much we can do. However, the VanNoy Firm legal team can do a lot about other emotional issues in a marriage dissolution.

The parenting timeshare agreement is usually the biggest emotional issue in these matters. The old model, in which children “lived” with one parent and “visited” the other one, is gone. Nevertheless, the order must contain custody and timeshare provisions.

Custody orders must be in the best interests of the children. Some factors Montgomery County judges usually consider include:

  • Child’s preference, if any,
  • Parents’ preferences,
  • The current, informal custody agreement,
  • Each parent’s capacity, and
  • Verified allegations of domestic violence.

As for timesharing, Ohio law presumes that children benefit when they spend a meaningful amount of time with each parent on a regular basis. The traditional division, which is basically every other weekend and every other holiday, may or may not meet this standard, largely depending on the facts of the case.

Financial Issues

Unless the marriage only lasted a few months, marriage dissolutions in Ohio almost always involve property division and FSOs (family support obligations).

Premarital agreements often determine the division of the marital estate. This division includes debts and assets. Thanks to some recent legal changes, these agreements are more common than ever, especially among Millennials. A 45424 divorce attorney can draft a valid prenuptial agreement in as little as one office visit. Unless these agreements are blatantly one-sided, judges usually enforce them, thus reducing conflict in a contentious proceeding.

Without a premarital agreement, the judge must equitably divide the marital estate. Doing something equitably is usually, but certainly not always, the same thing as doing something equally.

Usually, a formula that considers the income of both parties, the parenting time division, the number of children, and a few other factors determines the amount of child support. In contrast, judges have considerable discretion in setting alimony payments. The amount and duration of payments usually depend on the obligee’s economic need and the obligor’s ability to pay.

Speak With a Tough-Minded Montgomery County Lawyer

Divorcing spouses should expect to deal with some trying emotional and financial issues. For a confidential consultation with an experienced divorce attorney in the 45424 ZIP code, contact the VanNoy Firm. Convenient payment plans are available.

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