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Many people meet that “special someone” while they are working, studying, or traveling abroad. Other times, they begin online relationships with people from foreign countries. In a significant number of these cases, these relationships soon become very serious. Frequently, these couples know each other well but not well enough to immediately take the spousal visa plunge. A K1 fiancé visa is often a good alternative in these situations.

They say “all you need is love” to make a relationship work. Frequently, that is not exactly true. Sometimes, love needs a little help from a Dayton K1 visa attorney. Not everyone qualifies for K1 visas, and even if the applicant meets the qualifications, the State Department does not give out these visas like candy on Halloween. An attorney helps ensure that applicants meet the complex guidelines and that they are ready for the all-important K1 visa interview.

K1 Visa Requirements

The final cost for a K1 visa is about $900, not including attorneys’ fees. This $900 cost includes the State Department’s Form 129-F processing fee, K1 visa application fee, and a medical examination. Before applicants invest that kind of money, they need to ensure they meet the qualifications, which are:

  • Sponsoring fiancé is a U.S. citizen, not a lawful permanent resident,
  • Both individuals are unmarried,
  • The relationship is legitimate,
  • At least one prior personal meeting in the last twenty-four months (some exceptions apply),
  • Signed intent to marry within ninety days, and
  • Sponsoring fiancé’s income is at least 100 percent above the poverty line.

Sometimes, the State Department is somewhat lenient in these areas. Usually, however, officials are very strict. Proof of intent to marry is a good example. Sometimes, the signed statement of intent, by itself, is sufficient. Usually, however, officials want to see additional proof, such as wedding invitations or venue booking. 

The Interview

About four or six weeks after the sponsoring fiancé files the proper paperwork, the sponsoring fiancé must appear at a personal interview. Most interviewers want to see additional documents, such as:

  • Tax returns,
  • Birth certificate,
  • Passport,
  • Two passport-style photos, and
  • Police clearance records.

The relationship’s legitimacy is usually the focal point of a K1 visa interview. Proof of legitimacy includes photos of the couple together, correspondence between the fiancés, especially if that correspondence concerns potential marriage and statements from witnesses who saw the couple together and can speak to the nature of their relationship.

What is not there is important as well. For example, if the overseas fiancé has not applied for a K1 visa before, there is a better chance the current relationship is for real.

It is critical for a Dayton K1 visa attorney to collect as much evidence as possible. The sponsor must absolutely convince the examiner that the relationship is real. If there is any inkling of fraud. The examiner could deny the application, and these denials are difficult to appeal.

A few final thoughts. From start to finish, the entire K1 visa process usually takes about 12 months. If for some reason, the relationship does not work out, the foreign fiancé must immediately leave. K1 visa holders are ineligible for status adjustment.

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