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Immigration law is among the most complex areas of law in the U.S. Even modest errors in a green card or some other visa application, or the documentation as part of the immigration application process could result in delays, which could last for years, or outright deportation or denial. Because of these reasons, among others, most individuals would benefit from having legal guidance. 

Here at The VanNoy Firm, our competent Dayton immigration lawyer can help you with the following immigration matters:

  • Green cards – family-based or fiancé visas
  • Temporary visas – for studying, working, asylum, etc.
  • Citizenship or naturalization
  • Deportation or removal defense
  • Adjustment of status
  • Business immigration

How an Immigration Lawyer Can Help

An immigration lawyer can help you understand the various immigration laws that apply to your case, analyze the strategies and possibilities specific to your case, and guide you through the immigration process. Your attorney will prepare all the paperwork for you and organize all the documents you need to present with your application. 

Your immigration attorney will evaluate the specific facts unique to your case and give you advice on the probability of getting the particular visa type or other immigration benefits you’re seeking. Likewise, your lawyer will make sure that the information you present on your application forms, the documents you sent, and any testimony or statement you need to make is consistent, clear, and accurate. 

It’s crucial to note that most immigration applications rely on the USCIS officer believing the facts you presented, such that mistakenly submitting inconsistent information on various forms could create enormous problems. Your immigration attorney could help you avoid common pitfalls that could result in you being banned from entering the U.S., being deported, or barred to re-enter the country. 

Most importantly, your Dayton immigration lawyer will know exactly what to expect from the USCIS officers and, in turn, can reduce or avoid potential delays and what specific issues you should prepare for to ensure that your case won’t be held up due to otherwise avoidable legal technicalities. 

How an Immigration Attorney Can Help with Removal Defense

In case you find yourself getting deported or removed from the U.S., an immigration attorney can help you by:

  • Researching laws that can avoid your deportation
  • Preparing for court appearances, including preparing any witnesses
  • Writing briefs that will defend and secure your lawful place in the U.S.
  • Dealing with all the procedural court deadlines and requirements
  • Represent you and advocate for you in court

Keep in mind that the judge presiding over the removal proceedings may need to ask you a couple of questions to help decide whether keeping you in the U.S. is the right thing to do. Having a lawyer by your side will help prepare you for such questions and help make certain that you have a solid removal defense. 

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If you have any concerns or questions about any immigration issues you may have, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with The VanNoy Firm. You can discuss your case with our competent Dayton immigration lawyer by contacting us online or calling us to arrange your appointment. 

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