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Immigration is a complex process that involves knowledge of the legal system. Any immigrant who wishes to gain legal residency in the United States is required to go through a legal process to earn their residency. However, for someone with no direct experience in U.S. law, the process will likely be confusing. One subcategory of immigration that requires a greater understanding of immigration law is family immigration. With the added complexities of familial relationships at stake, family immigration takes a significant understanding of the system. A Dayton family immigration attorney can help you through the family immigration process with the goal of connecting your loved ones again. 

Forms of Family Immigration

When seeking family immigration, a person expects to establish residency through a familial relationship. There are various options available to establish residency through an immediate relative, but the immediate relative must be a citizen or naturalized citizen of the United States. It’s nice to know that family visas are more frequently granted than other forms of visas due to the U.S. goal of uniting and maintaining family units. Within the classification of family immigrant visas are two subcategories: immediate relative visas and family preference immigrant visas. 

An immediate relative visa applies to every immediate family member of a current U.S. citizen. Immediate family members include a spouse, adult parent, unmarried minor children, or adopted children. The United States will issue an unlimited number of such visas yearly. 

A family preference immigrant visa, on the other hand, has a limited number of issues yearly, followed by each applicant being placed on a waitlist. The family members that may be included under this visa form are distant relatives such as grandchildren, married children and their spouses, and adult siblings.

The Role of a Dayton Family Immigration Attorney

Determining which category of family visa you can apply for and going through the application process are complex tasks. To decrease the risk of completing forms incorrectly and threatening your ability to immigrate, consider working with a Dayton family immigration attorney. An immigration attorney’s sole job is to help you through the requirements for immigration. This includes but may not be limited to explaining the complexities of the immigration process to you, preparing all necessary paperwork, verifying the information you provide, and minimizing potential delays. Further, if your immigration request is denied, they may help you by filing an appeal.

Hire a Knowledgeable Dayton Family Immigration Attorney

If you are attempting to file for family-based immigration, it could benefit you to work with an experienced Dayton family immigration attorney. The immigration process is complicated and there is a lot of complex paperwork involved. For someone without a formal legal background, this may pose difficulty. The attorneys at The VanNoy Firm will support and guide you throughout your immigration proceedings. Contact us today to schedule a consultation regarding your family immigration goals. 

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