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The state of Ohio recognizes a myriad of drug offenses, as found in Section 2925.01 of Ohio Laws and Rules. Each offense is very unique, and is associated with its own set of consequences.

If you are facing drug charges in Dayton or surrounding areas of Ohio, you may have questions about the specifics of the charges, as well as what the consequences of the charges may be should you be convicted. For answers to your tough legal questions, and to help you build a strong defense, contact the Dayton drug charge lawyers at The VanNoy Firm today.

Drug Offenses in Ohio

Drug crimes in Ohio are divided into a number of different offense types, including drug trafficking, drug possession, and drug manufacturing and cultivation. These drug offenses are further divided by drug type, with penalties being dependent upon whether drugs involved include:

  • Schedule I or II drugs;
  • Schedule III, IV, or V drugs;
  • Cocaine – powder or crack; or
  • LSD.

In addition to the type of drug involved as well as the drug offense, the third thing that affects the penalty that a person will face if convicted of a drug crime is the amount of the drug involved. Additional factors, such as whether or not the offense occurred near a school, involved minors, etc. can also affect penalties. More detailed information is available on the Drug Offense Quick Reference Guide published by the Supreme Court of Ohio.

The Benefits of Working with an Experienced Day Drug Crimes Attorney

Regardless of the type or amount of drug involved, chances are that if you are convicted of a drug crime in Ohio, you will potentially face a large fine, a mark on your permanent record, jail time, and other consequences (like requirement to attend a mandatory drug education program). The event could have an effect on your ability to obtain employment or housing, and pursue other opportunities.

When you work with an attorney, your attorney can work hard to have evidence against you withheld from court if improperly obtained, protect you during the legal process, and negotiate with the prosecution to have charges against you reduced. Your attorney can also explain to you different options, such as fighting charges or entering a plea bargain.


Being charged with a drug crime can change your life. But when you hire an experienced Dayton drug crimes attorney, you improve your chances of securing the best outcome for your case. You can send us a brief message detailing your situation online – all inquiries are confidential.

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