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If you are facing a divorce, you may feel as if you are at an utter loss and as if you are all alone out there. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth. While divorce is a difficult transition, many marriages do end in divorce, and you won’t have to look very far to find someone who shares your pain. In addition to the emotional component, however, there is also an important and complicated legal component that directly relates to your parental and financial rights, and that should not be ignored. Consulting with a compassionate Dayton divorce lawyer early in the process is an important first step to take. 

Your Child Custody Arrangements

In any divorce that involves children, the child custody arrangements make up a critical component. In Ohio, child custody is now called parental responsibilities (what you likely think of as legal custody) and parenting time (what you likely think of as visitation). 

Parental responsibilities involve making important parenting decisions on behalf of your shared children, and it can be either sole or joint. The kinds of decisions involved include:

  • Decisions about your children’s schooling
  • Decisions about your children’s religious upbringing
  • Decisions about your children’s healthcare needs
  • Decisions about your children’s extracurricular activities

Parenting time represents the schedule by which you and your ex will split your time with the kids, and it can be divided equally between you, or one of you can take on a primary custodial role (according to whatever schedule is mutually agreeable). 

Child Support

Child support is calculated according to the state’s specific guidelines, and the most consequential variables are the amount of time each parent has with the kids and each parent’s income. Even if you divide your parenting time evenly, however, the parent with higher earnings is likely to make child support payments. 

The Division of Marital Property

Upon divorce, those assets that you acquired over the course of your marriage will need to be divided between the two of you equitably (which means fairly rather than necessarily equally). In order to make this division fair, a wide range of factors will be taken into careful consideration. Any assets or property that either of you owned prior to marriage and that you kept separate throughout your married years will remain yours alone (but the financial entanglements of marriage often complicate this issue of separate property). 


Alimony is called spousal support in Ohio, and while it isn’t always a factor in divorce, it can play an important role in those divorces in which one spouse experiences a financial upset and the other has the financial means to help. 

Seek the Professional Legal Guidance of an Experienced Dayton Divorce Lawyer

The accomplished Dayton divorce lawyers at The VanNoy Firm recognize the unique complexities inherent to every divorce case and dedicate their practice to helping clients like you obtain beneficial divorce terms that uphold their rights and best interests. To learn more, please don’t wait to contact us today.

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