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No two divorces are ever the same, just like no two couples or families are ever exactly the same. If you’re facing a divorce, you may receive a wide range of advice from well-intended family and friends, but often they don’t know or understand the unique legal circumstances of your case. Luckily, there are many experienced Dayton divorce attorneys who can help you, like the compassionate lawyers at The VanNoy Firm. They handle tough divorce issues with respect and efficiency, including unique and complex divorce situations.

Military Divorce

It cannot be stressed enough that divorces involving members of the military and their families should only be handled by attorneys who are experienced in these matters. Military divorces contain complex asset and custodial issues that are not present in a normal divorce case.

Under the Service Members Civil Relief Act courts can delay divorce proceedings and other court issues while a member of the military is deployed or on active duty. It is important to understand how this act applies to you can and affects the timing and procedures.

Determining an equitable distribution of a military pension is easily the most complex aspect of a military divorce. These pensions have extensive rules and regulations that govern when a spouse and receive their benefits. There is an added difficulty in accurately valuing the benefits and navigating the bureaucracy of the military.

Further, other considerations such as TRICARE, and Commissary Exchange Privileges should be discussed so that former spouses understand their rights and entitlements after a marriage ends.

Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement is a contract between two parties prior to getting married. The prenuptial agreement articulates each parties’ rights and obligations in the event a divorce or dissolution occurs. Under Ohio law, there are specific requirements to make a prenuptial agreement enforceable or valid. These requirements are a hybrid of domestic relations and contract law. These can include, but are not limited to, having the agreement reduced to writing; supported by adequate consideration; both parties must make a full disclosure of their assets, finances, and liabilities.

A prenuptial agreement protects a party’s right to property, retirement, property that may be awarded to children from previous relationships, spousal support, finances, and inheritance. Prenuptials are not just for individuals who have a lot of assets. Further, contrary to belief, a prenuptial is not for individuals who are betting that a relationship fails. It is for individuals who are conscious of their assets and want to take affirmative action to protect what they have worked hard for.

Gray Divorce

Gray divorce is a term currently used to refer to the wave of baby boomers that are moving forward with a divorce. Research shows that there are several reasons why this is occurring and that it is occurring at a higher rate.

Gray divorces have a different impact on the individuals than a divorce between couples in their twenties.  Those who are in their fifties and older likely have had decades to accumulate wealth together from real property, personal property, retirement, and other such assets. Thus, asset allocation can be more complex. Further, these individuals are closer to retirement age and thus asset allocation becomes vitally important to protect their standard of living.

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