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If you or a loved one was arrested and charged with a crime in Dayton, Ohio, your reputation and possibly your future livelihood are at stake. A criminal conviction can mean jail time, hefty fines, job loss, damaged relationships, difficulty finding future employment, and other adverse consequences. This is the case whether you are convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony. For this reason, if you are charged with a crime, you should reach out to an aggressive and experienced Dayton criminal defense lawyer right away.

picture of courtroom with lawyer and defendant, contact our top rated Troy criminal defense lawyersThe right attorney can help fight the charges against you and prevent them from becoming a conviction. Contact The VanNoy Firm today to learn more about how our team provides individualized legal reputation to see our clients through to a successful resolution.

Types of Cases We Take on

By definition, criminal conduct involves acts and omissions that are outside the scope of behavior acceptable by society. The law is designed to punish such acts with consequences of similar weight. However, it is also designed to protect victims of possibly overzealous law enforcement practices and false allegations.

That said, there are several different transgressions in Ohio that law enforcement may deem “criminal.” Some are obvious, and some, not so much. Less obvious offenses may fall into the “misdemeanor” category, while more obvious offenses, such as assault and homicide, may fall into the “felony” category. At The VanNoy Firm, our Dayton criminal defense lawyers defend clients against both misdemeanors and felonies. Some types of cases we have taken on and for which we have helped achieve a successful outcome are as follows:

  • Drug charges;
  • Weapons charges;
  • Juvenile charges;
  • White collar crimes;
  • Fraud offenses;
  • Driving while under the influence (DUI/operating a vehicle impaired (OVI)); and
  • RICO violations.

Whatever the reason for your arrest, our criminal defense team is prepared to help you fight the charges and uphold your rights.

Consequences of a Criminal Conviction

As mentioned above, the consequences of a criminal conviction can follow you around for the rest of your life. However, the penalties of a conviction are almost immediate and may include the following:

  • Probation;
  • Drivers’ license suspension or revocation;
  • Mandatory substance abuse treatment;
  • Fines and court costs;
  • Imprisonment;
  • Restitution; and/or
  • The death penalty.

Even if you are lucky enough to get off with nothing more than license suspension and revocation, court costs, and a mandatory substance abuse treatment program, you would still have to live with the long-term consequences of a conviction, such as tarnished reputation, damaged relationships, job loss and subsequent difficulty finding gainful employment, and mounting debt. If you have children with a person to whom you are not married, you may have difficulty gaining custodial rights or, depending on the nature of your crime, visitation rights.

Retain the Help of a Dayton Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you were charged with a crime in Dayton, Ohio, or a surrounding area, your very future may be at stake. You can reduce the risk of being handed down a guilty verdict by working with an experienced Dayton criminal defense attorney as soon as you learn of the criminal charges. 


The right lawyer can help you build a strong case, defend your rights, and obtain a favorable verdict. Contact The VanNoy Firm today to learn more.

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