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Facing a criminal charge is an undeniably stressful event that requires your careful attention. The consequences of a conviction are too great to ignore, and because protecting your future is paramount, consulting with an experienced Dayton criminal defense attorney should be one of the first steps you take in the process of protecting your legal rights – in pursuit of your case’s best possible outcome. 

Common Criminal Charges

The most common criminal charges fall into the following categories:

  • Assault
  • Battery
  • Burglary
  • Robbery
  • Sexual abuse and battery  
  • Vehicular manslaughter
  • Drug charges 
  • Weapons charges 

Assault and Battery Charges

A charge of assault relates to causing or attempting to cause someone else harm. Battery, on the other hand, is the act of either intentionally or negligently causing someone else to experience offensive physical contact or physical injury. Assault charges break down into simple and aggravated categories, and if the charge is aggravated (by some factor that elevates the seriousness of the alleged crime), it will very likely be classified as a felony.   

OVI Charges

Ohio has moved away from the terms DUI and DWI and now uses OVI (operating a vehicle under the influence). The legal limit in Ohio is 0.08 percent blood alcohol concentration (BAC), but if you are deemed to be visibly intoxicated by either alcohol or a controlled substance, a charge can be forthcoming. The consequences of an OVI conviction are considerable and can affect all the following:

  • Your ability to drive
  • Your ability to get a job
  • Your ability to rent a home or obtain a home loan
  • Your professional licensure
  • Your recreational licenses
  • Your opportunities to further your education
  • Your social standing overall

Burglary Charges

In Ohio, burglary refers to unlawfully entering a home, business, or another structure with the intention of committing a crime (whether or not the crime is actually committed). Burglary does not require breaking and entering – simply entering through an unlocked door or a window that’s been left open will suffice. This element of trespassing, however, is necessary. The burglary charge can be elevated to aggravated burglary if someone else is harmed (or experiences the threat of harm) in the process of the crime’s commission or if the accused has a deadly weapon on him or her. 

Sexual Assault Charges

In Ohio, sexual assault charges break down into rape and sexual battery charges. Rape refers to any form of unwanted sexual conduct (without the victim’s consent) that is typically accomplished through force, the threat of force, or intimidation. Sexual battery charges, on the other hand, typically relate to situations in which the victim is at a power disadvantage, including students, prisoners, patients in hospitals or mental health facilities, residents of nursing homes, and more.  

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The practiced Dayton criminal defense attorneys at The VanNoy Firm take great pride in their impressive track record of successfully defending the legal rights of clients like you – in pursuit of beneficial case resolutions. To learn more, please don’t wait to contact us today.

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