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Being arrested and charged with a crime is a stressful and confusing experience that can significantly impact your life. If you’ve been arrested in the Dayton area, it’s essential to seek help from experienced Dayton criminal attorneys as soon as possible. 

Your freedom, finances, and future are all at stake, and a qualified attorney can help you navigate the complex criminal justice system. In many cases, an attorney can get charges reduced or dismissed outright. Don’t risk your future by trying to go it alone- call out Dayton criminal attorneys at The VanNoy today.

How Can Dayton Criminal Attorneys Help With Your Case?

Being charged with any crime, even a misdemeanor, can have significant consequences that may last long after the case is over. A criminal conviction on your record can make finding a job or housing difficult, and you may also lose your right to vote or possess a firearm. In Ohio, the potential consequences of a criminal conviction include the following:

  • Jail time: A misdemeanor conviction in Ohio can result in up to 180 days in jail. For more severe crimes, a prison sentence may apply. A qualified attorney can guide you through the options you may have for jail or prison time. In some cases, you may avoid jail time with probation offered instead.
  • Probation: Probation typically requires you to check in with a probation officer and comply with certain conditions, such as attending counseling or paying restitution. 
  • Fines and fees: Criminal and misdemeanor fees are costly. After a conviction, you are required to pay a growing number of fines associated with your case. Fines and costs associated with a conviction can add up quickly and be challenging to pay off.
  • A criminal record: A misdemeanor conviction will go on your criminal record. A criminal record can make it difficult to obtain employment or housing and impact your ability to obtain professional licenses or loans. It is important to understand your charges with a Dayton criminal attorney to discuss the potential implications of your crime.

You can advocate for your rights after a crime

Being charged with a crime can be a very daunting experience dealing with the legal system, lawyers, fees, and fines. It can feel like you are against the world, and everyone is against you. Feelings of guilt, shame, and stress are especially true if you are innocent of the charges against you. 

All too often, it can feel like you have been convicted from the moment you were arrested. The criminal justice system is designed to protect the rights of the accused. The good news is our Dayton criminal attorneys can help. 

Contact our Dayton Criminal Attorneys Immediately

However, this does not mean that you should give up hope. Our criminal defense attorneys are here for you. We will fight for your rights and make sure your voice is heard. Contact us today to schedule your free, confidential case evaluation. We will work tirelessly to get you the best possible outcome in your case.

Having an experienced attorney by your side can help you navigate the legal system and avoid some severe consequences of a criminal conviction. If you have been charged with a crime, do not hesitate to contact The VanNoy Firm and speak to our experienced criminal law attorneys who can help protect your rights.

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