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It’s important to take the situation seriously if you’ve been questioned in connection with a criminal offense, placed under arrest, or formally charged with a violation of Ohio or federal law. Your future hangs in the air – and how your future unfolds depends on your decisions right now. 

We’ll Conduct a Thorough Review Of Your Arrest to Determine if it Was Legal

The criminal charges you’re encountering can’t stand if the underlying arrest wasn’t legal. Our lawyers make it a point to scrutinize your arrest from every possible angle carefully. Suppose we find that the arresting officer lacked reasonable suspicion to stop you or didn’t have a warrant or probable cause required to take you into custody. In that case, we’ll instantly notify the court. If a judge agrees, the state will be forced to give up its criminal case against you, and you will be free.

We’ll Challenge the Evidence Presented by the State

You have specific rights under the law that cannot be transgressed without a very good cause. Good reasons for violating those rights (called exigent circumstances) are few and far between. Police must obey strict rules and procedures when performing their jobs, including conducting searches and seizing evidence.

If evidence is obtained illegally, we will work hard to establish it. We’ll examine the record, interview witnesses, look for breaches in the chain of custody, and do everything to persuade a judge that the evidence should be dismissed. Without proof, the state might be forced to consider a plea or have to drop the charges against you completely.

We’ll Hire Experts to Help Your Case

State and federal governments have lots of resources to prosecute criminal cases similar to yours. When you hire the VanNoy Firm, we will work closely with experts who can help us investigate the charges against you, create strong defense strategies, and back our arguments with assertive information. 

We regularly work with:

  • Accident and crime scene reconstructionists
  • Ballistics specialists
  • Forensic experts
  • Medical professionals
  • Mental health specialists
  • Computer and technology experts 

We’ll call them if someone can shed light on your case and help you avoid a conviction. The more detailed our preparation, the better positioned we’ll be to get you the best possible outcome in your criminal case.

A Criminal Charge Can Change Your Life

When facing high-stakes legal situations, it’s comforting to know that you can trust the team representing you.

As a top criminal law firm in Dayton, our criminal attorneys are available 24/7. We only stop when we get the best possible results for you and your family.

Working in Ohio and Federal courts, we offer the experience to handle any legal challenge with personal attention and service.

All criminal charges are worth taking seriously. A conviction for a criminal offense can have severe, lifelong effects on school enrollment, professional licenses, employment, money, family, and freedom. The worst thing you can do is go it by yourself.

Contact a Dayton Criminal Lawyer to Protect Your Rights

When faced with a criminal law issue, you want an advocate in your corner who will defend you and your best interests. At The VanNoy Firm, we fight for the results our clients expect and deserve.

We take an aggressive, proactive approach and look for every option to get you the best outcome. Contact our criminal lawyers today to protect your future.

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