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Standing Up for Criminal Defendants in the Dayton Area

An arrest can be frightening, though this might only be the start of a lengthy criminal process. The criminal justice system does not have a defendant’s best interests in mind, and many people are wrongfully convicted or receive overly harsh sentences. After a conviction, a criminal record can negatively impact your life in many ways for years to come. It is important for anyone under arrest to contact a criminal defense lawyer in Dayton as soon as possible. 

Defense attorney discusses case with a client, for the best Criminal Lawyers Dayton call our law firm.

The VanNoy Firm is ready to help you throughout every stage of the criminal process. We represent clients in many different situations, and we stand up for their rights in criminal court. If you are being questioned by police while you are detained or you are already facing criminal charges, do not speak with the authorities. Instead, contact our office in Dayton for the defense representation you need. 

Fighting a Range of Criminal Charges

At The VanNoy Firm, we know that every criminal case is unique, and we are prepared to defend against many types of allegations, including:

We regularly handle both misdemeanor and felony cases. Just because you face a misdemeanor charge does not mean you do not need legal assistance. Misdemeanor convictions can come with costly fines, jail time, and other penalties, so you should always take both misdemeanor and felony charges very seriously. 

Possible Penalties for Criminal Convictions in Ohio

Ohio law sets out the potential penalties for each different criminal offense, and Dayton prosecutors often seek the maximum possible sentence in each case. Some of the possible penalties you may face include:

  • Fines
  • Court costs and restitution
  • Probation
  • Imprisonment
  • Substance abuse treatment
  • Suspension of your driver’s license

Once you have a criminal record, you might face problems finding a job, holding a professional license, getting accepted to educational programs or financial aid, finding housing to rent, and much more. Previous convictions can also increase penalties for any future cases you may face. It is always best to avoid a conviction whenever possible by presenting a strong defense. 

Aggressive Defense Tactics

An experienced criminal defense attorney can assist you in many ways, and the specific defense strategy we develop will differ based on the circumstances of your case. Our process might include some or all of the following:

  • Represent you during police questioning
  • Argue for your release at a bail hearing
  • Investigate your allegations and the prosecutor’s evidence against you
  • Identify legal defenses to present
  • Seek to suppress illegally-obtained evidence
  • Challenge the prosecutor’s evidence
  • Advise you of the option to plead guilty or go to trial
  • Negotiate a favorable plea bargain
  • Explore the possibility of alternative sentencing or diversion programs
  • Advocate for you at trial

Consult with a Criminal Lawyer in Dayton for the Help You Need

The above are only some of the many ways that a criminal lawyer in Dayton can help. To speak with The VanNoy Firm about your case, please do not hesitate to contact us right away. 

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