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Most criminal convictions, even if the defendant has a prior criminal record, involve probation. That is a much more cost-effective option for the cash-strapped State of Ohio. However, contrary to popular myth, probation is not a “slap on the wrist.” Probationers are subject to strict limitations, and if they step out of line, long-term incarceration is a real possibility. A good Ohio criminal defense attorney knows how to help defendants avoid probation and manage probation after a conviction.

The experienced criminal lawyers at the VanNoy Firm know how to do both of these things. Before your case goes to trial, our proven methods get results. These results often include a complete dismissal of charges or a not-guilty trial verdict. However, such results are not available in all cases. So, a criminal lawyer by you must also know how to manage probation and help defendants avoid even harsher consequences.

Pre-Conviction Matters

An effective legal defense begins with prompt jail release. Defendants who remain in jail are behind the eight-ball. They often accept unfavorable plea bargains, including more jail time, just to “get it over with.”

Several jail release options are available in Montgomery County. Frequently, original jail release terms require defendants to pay large sums of money. At a bail reduction hearing, a criminal lawyer by you can reduce the bail amount and obtain more favorable release terms. This early intervention jumpstarts your criminal defense.

Lack of admissible evidence, in one form or another, is the core defense in criminal cases. Officers who are anxious to arrest as many individuals as possible often take illegal shortcuts. They improperly seize evidence or pressure people into making incriminating statements. Even if all the evidence they collect is admissible, and that is a big “if,” there often is not enough evidence to establish guilt beyond any reasonable doubt.

An effective defense often leads to a favorable resolution. Deferred disposition is a good example. The defendant pleads guilty and receives probation. Then, if the defendant successfully completes probation, the judge dismisses the case. As a result, the defendant has no lingering criminal history because of that arrest.

Post-Conviction Matters

The first order of business in this area is usually ensuring that defendants understand all the terms and conditions of probation. Many defendants have limited English skills. Furthermore, almost no defendants are fluent in Legalese.

If the defendant violates probation, a criminal defense lawyer by you quickly moves into damage control mode. So, instead of lengthy incarceration, these defendants might only be facing stiffer terms or perhaps a few days in jail as a condition of reinstatement.

Frequently, the best defense is a good offense. After defendants have completed part of their probationary terms, judges may end probation early. Typically, if the defendant’s probation officer agrees with this petition or at least does not actively oppose it, the judge grants it.

Additional remedies, like record sealing or executive pardon, are usually available as well. Sealed records, for most purposes, don’t exist. Executive pardon, while not common, is not nearly as uncommon as many people think it is. Many governors grant about one in 10 of the pardon applications they receive.

Reach Out to a Dedicated Lawyer

All defendants have important legal rights. For a confidential consultation with an experienced criminal lawyer by you, contact the VanNoy Firm. Home, after-hours, and jail visits are available.

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