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Being arrested and charged with a crime is always stressful. You might wonder how the case will affect your future, and many criminal matters have costly effects on defendants. In fact, the consequences you are facing could affect not only your freedom and your finances but also your professional and personal life.  You want to protect your rights and your future by contacting a criminal law lawyer in Dayton from The VanNoy Firm right away.

Ohio Has Strict Criminal Laws

Ohio takes crime seriously, and the criminal code allows for harsh penalties for those who commit criminal offenses. A conviction of a crime can lead to various penalties, including:

  • Fines
  • Probation
  • Imprisonment

You might lose your driver’s license and have to undergo court-ordered mental health treatment. Judges have discretion over criminal sentencing, and they often issue severe sentences to criminal defendants. 

Avoiding a criminal conviction is always the best outcome of a case. Our attorneys work to prevent convictions whenever possible, and if someone is convicted or pleads guilty, we minimize their penalties as much as allowable. 

Do not risk having a criminal conviction affect your finances, freedom, and future. Reach out to our criminal defense attorneys in Dayton today. 

Defending a Wide Range of Criminal Charges

Our firm handles all types of criminal cases, including:

  • Assault and battery
  • Traffic offenses
  • OVI and DUI
  • CDL violations
  • Driver’s license reinstatement
  • Drug charges
  • Weapons charges
  • Juvenile allegations
  • Underage drinking and college crimes 
  • Embezzlement
  • White collar crimes
  • Domestic violence
  • Murder and manslaughter

No charge is too minor or severe for us to take on. 

How a Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

If you are facing criminal charges, there are many ways that a lawyer can help you. Some of the most important include the following:

  • Evaluating the strength of the case against you and advising you regarding your best course of action
  • Determining if any of the evidence against you could be suppressed
  • Protecting your rights during any questioning conducted by the police or prosecution
  • Identifying any legal defense that could mitigate the consequences you are facing or result in a dismissal or acquittal
  • Attempting to negotiate a plea bargain on your behalf
  • Represent you in court

As a person accused of a crime, it’s vital to understand that the justice system is extremely complicated. In addition, none of the people involved in your case are on your side – not the judge, not the police, and definitely not the prosecutor. If you try to represent yourself, there is a good chance that your outcome will be much, much worse than it would be if you worked with a lawyer.

Never Wait to Reach Out to Our Criminal Law Lawyer in Dayton

A criminal conviction can result in significant consequences that can affect you for years. The best way to protect your rights when facing criminal charges is to retain a criminal defense attorney in Dayton as soon as you can. At The VanNoy Firm, we work tirelessly to ensure that our clients obtain the best possible outcome of their criminal matters. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with an experienced lawyer who can protect your future.

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