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When a person initially calls and asks for legal assistance from one of our respected Dayton criminal law attorneys, we are always ready for anything because the criminal cases in and around the city are varied.

Here are a few of the common crimes in and around your local Dayton neighborhoods, as well as a few ways our lawyers can assist you if you’ve recently been accused of committing one. 

Common Criminal Acts Committed in Dayton, Ohio

According to a recent report from the Dayton Daily News, the crime rate in Dayton has actually dropped a little in the past year. But, being that it is only currently a little over halfway through the year, the findings of crime statistics in the area are largely based on the first six months of 2022.

Statistics show that for that time period, the overall crime in Dayton dropped around 1% when compared to the period of January through June 2021. Compared to 2020, you can add another 1% to the dip in crime in the area. 

Property crime is one of the most frequently committed ones in Dayton, and it accounts for a little over 80% of all the crimes in the area. Experts say that larceny is the crime that’s mostly committed against property in Dayton and that there are close to 2,000 break-ins for every 100,000 locals.

When it comes to grand theft auto, this crime happens to well over 500 people for every 100,000. Other crime cases that our experienced Dayton criminal law attorneys regularly assist clients with include ones that are of a violent nature, such as aggravated assault, robbery, and/or murder.

How a Dayton Criminal Law Attorney Can Help Your Case

Your attorney will, of course, be your representation in court, but there are numerous other important tasks that they will be attending to in order to attain the best judgment for your case. For example, they will develop your defense theory by thoroughly analyzing the facts, such as your alibi, looking at the dependability of witnesses (if there are any), and determining overall how strong the prosecution’s case is against you. 

There are also so many instances where an officer’s conduct needs to be inspected, and while your attorney is doing that, they will also investigate the details of the charges that were brought up against you. What this means is they will be looking for evidence/proof gaps, personally visit the crime scene, and find numerous other avenues of proving your innocence. 

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If you have recently been accused of a crime and feel that attaining legal assistance is in your best interest, then you are on the right track. Contact us today at The VanNoy Firm for a consultation.

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