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Being charged with even a minor crime can leave your future looming with uncertainty. A conviction could keep you from pursuing your career dreams, ruin your reputation, or cause problems within your family. Whether this is your first criminal charge or your tenth, you need reliable and trustworthy advocates on your side. When you hire experienced Montgomery County criminal defense attorneys from The VanNoy Firm, you can be assured that we will do everything in our power to make this entire experience easier for you and defend you to the best of our ability.

What Montgomery County Criminal Defense Attorneys Do

Criminal defense attorneys fill an essential role for anyone who is charged with a crime. During your initial consultation with a defense lawyer, you will need to give them as much detail as you can about your case and the circumstances that led to your charges. You should expect to answer very specific questions.

Once your attorney completes your interview, they will begin an investigation into your case. This will reveal any possible avenues available to get a dismissal or acquittal for you. Your attorney might question the police about their procedures with you and your case. In addition, criminal defense attorneys in Montgomery County may also:

  • Interview witnesses
  • Review police reports
  • Review the prosecutor’s evidence against you for flaws or insufficiency
  • Gather physical evidence in your favor
  • Interview and hire expert witnesses

Your attorney is also responsible for discussing the status of your case and any possible plea bargains with the prosecutor. They may attempt to secure a plea deal in your case that would reduce your charges and penalties should you decide to plead guilty.

If you are subject to a jury trial, your attorney will take part in the jury selection process. They can attempt to have jurors removed from the pool if they are biased or for other reasons. During your trial, your criminal defense attorney’s job is to examine witnesses, cross-examine the prosecution’s witnesses, and show the jury that the state has not fulfilled its burden of proof.

In the event that you are found guilty of your charges or accept a favorable plea bargain, your attorney can discuss factors with the judge or jury that might limit the amount of time you serve or provide alternatives to your incarceration.

Potential Penalties for Crimes in Ohio

By working with experienced criminal defense attorneys in Montgomery County, you could have your charges reduced or dropped, resulting in lesser or no penalties. Crimes are generally classified as felonies and misdemeanors of various degrees that have different types of penalties. Depending on the type of crime you are convicted of and any previous criminal history, you may be subjected to:

Call Our Knowledgeable Montgomery County Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you have pending criminal charges, time is of the essence. Consulting with criminal defense attorneys in Montgomery County as soon as possible can increase the number of options available to you and ensure that your attorney has time to build a defense on your behalf. Hiring an attorney can also provide you with peace of mind that someone has your back and will guide you through this often stressful process.

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