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Have you been arrested in Dayton, Ohio? Nothing makes you realize how important investing in the best criminal defense attorney you can find is more than a night in jail. As criminal defense attorneys in Dayton, we put together some basic information and tips for hiring the best legal representation and understanding your rights.

Know Your Rights

The Fifth Amendment gives you the right to protect yourself against self-incrimination. This means you do not have to do anything that has the possibility of implicating you in a crime. You might commonly hear, “I plead the Fifth.” This means the person refuses to answer a question because if they do, it could reveal their guilt. 

Additionally, the Sixth Amendment gives you these rights: 

  • the right to an unbiased jury trial
  • the right to the legal counsel of your choosing (any private attorney you like or a public defender)
  • the right to a public trial (nothing “behind closed doors”)
  • the right to know who your accuser is and what you’ve been accused of 

These rights should be read to you at the time of your arrest (known as a Miranda Warning, which starts out saying, ”You have the right to remain silent…”). If no one read your rights to you, please let your criminal defense attorney know.

Considering Using a Public Defender?

Did you know that the Bureau of Justice Statistics found that 88% of people with public defenders were convicted in federal court? Those who paid for private attorneys had a conviction rate of just 77%. They also found that pre-trial release was more common for defendants with private criminal defense lawyers (79% release rate with a private attorney compared to just 52% with a state-appointed lawyer).

How to Evaluate Criminal Defense Lawyers

Don’t choose your legal representation based on your emotions only. Be objective. Look at the lawyer’s record, background, experience, and online reviews. So many people just go with the first lawyer who calls them back. This could be one of the most important decisions of your life, so don’t rush. 

Look for a criminal defense lawyer with these skills:

  • Knowledgeable
  • Someone with strong integrity
  • A “bulldog” who will fight with perseverance and tenacity for you
  • Clear and compelling communicator
  • Great negotiator

Also, your attorney should have experience handling your specific type of case. Handling a DUI is a lot different from handling a murder trial, for example, so feel free to ask about past case experience. Once you get the right defense attorney on your side, they can begin protecting your rights and future. They can do this by gathering evidence in your defense, identifying any constitutional violations, presenting all possible defenses, and representing you at trial if needed. 

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