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Matters that relate to child custody are not only emotionally fraught but also tend to be quite complicated. If you and your children’s other parent are able to agree to child custody terms, the court is almost certain to accept them as submitted, but if you are ultimately unable to find middle ground, you will need the court’s intervention on the matter. If you are dealing with a child custody issue, you need the professional legal counsel of an experienced child custody lawyer in Dayton on your side. 

Child Custody Matters

While child custody concerns can take any number of forms, some of the most common include:

  • Determining child custody arrangements as a matter of divorce
  • Determining child custody arrangements between parents who were never married
  • Hammering out child custody modifications in the face of significant change, such as a job transfer across the country

Child Custody Basics

While every child custody case is unique to the people and circumstances involved, the basics of child custody (called parental rights and responsibilities in Ohio) are constant. You and your children’s other parent will ultimately need to come to terms regarding both physical and legal custody. Legal custody is the decision-making component of your parental rights and responsibilities, and physical custody relates to your parenting-time schedule. 

Legal Custody

As a parent, you have rights and responsibilities that include making important decisions for your children about topics like the following:

  • Their schooling
  • Their religious education
  • Their extracurricular activities
  • Their healthcare needs

This decision-making power is generally referred to as legal custody, and it can be either sole (one parent makes the decisions) or joint (you either make the decisions together, or you make the decisions together and one of you has tie-breaking authority). Finally, this parental responsibility can also be divided according to the subject matter of certain decisions. This means that one of you might field the matters of your children’s schooling and extracurriculars while the other handles religious upbringing and health care, for example. 

Physical Custody

Physical custody is what you think of as physical custody. Physical custody determines how your children will split their time between the two of you, and this division can be fairly equal, or one of you can become the primary custodial parent who has the kids the majority of the time while the other has a visitation schedule. You can get as creative as you like with your scheduling if you and your children’s other parent are able to reach a compromise between yourselves, but if you need the court to intervene, it will very likely issue a standard parenting time schedule

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