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Child custody concerns are serious matters, and if you’re facing a child custody issue, seeking the experienced legal guidance of a dedicated child custody attorney in Dayton is well advised. Whether you are facing a divorce that involves children, are hammering out custody terms with someone to whom you were never married, or need to modify your current child custody orders, an accomplished child custody attorney can help. 

Child Custody in Ohio

The State of Ohio no longer uses the term child custody, and instead of granting custody, courts now allocate parental rights and responsibilities. In the final analysis, however, the meaning remains the same. In Ohio, the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities establishes each parent’s visitation rights, assigns parenting time schedules, and determines the matter of decision-making rights (formerly called legal custody). 

Parenting Time Schedule

Your parenting time schedule corresponds with what used to be called physical custody. Parenting time can be divided relatively equally, or one parent can become the primary custodial parent while the other receives a visitation schedule. Because the court bases all of its child-related decisions on the best interests of the children involved and because of its overall belief that children are better off maintaining a relationship with both parents, the court will not deny a parent at least some form of visitation without a serious reason for doing so.

Decision-Making Power

The other primary component of parental rights and responsibilities relates to making decisions on the children’s behalf, and it can be allotted to one parent, can be shared equally, or can be divided according to the type of decision that is being made. The kinds of topics covered include:

  • The children’s schooling
  • The children’s religious upbringing
  • The children’s extracurricular activities
  • The children’s health care

Those everyday parenting decisions that spring up on a daily – if not hourly – basis remain the responsibility of the parent whom the children are with at the time. 

Custody Modifications

Your original custody orders (or rights and responsibilities) remain in effect until they are modified by the court (or your children age out). Even if you and your ex are both in agreement about the modification, the only way to protect yourself in the event that your children’s other parent changes his or her mind about the modification (and declares you in contempt of court) is with a court-ordered modification. The court will only consider modifications that are based on a material change in circumstances – a minor shift in your life is unlikely to warrant a modification. For example, if one of you is transferred across the country, a modification may be in order, but moving across town is unlikely to have the same effect. 

An Experienced Child Custody Attorney in Dayton Is on Your Side

If you’re facing a child custody concern, look no further than the compassionate child custody attorneys at The VanNoy Firm in Dayton. We dedicate our practice to protecting the parental rights of clients like you, and we’re on your side. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us today. 

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