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What Is the Difference Between Assault & Self Defense in Ohio?

Under Ohio law, every individual holds the inherent right to defend themselves against threats or harm. However, distinguishing between actions taken in self-defense and those constituting assault can be complex.…

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How Serious is a Misdemeanor Battery Charge in Ohio?

Among the wide spectrum of criminal charges that an individual might face in Ohio, battery charges represent a significant category. Battery, in layman's terms, is an unlawful act of physical…

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Possible Defenses for an Assault Charge in Ohio

Being accused of assault is a stressful and scary experience, especially if you’ve never faced legal charges before. The good news is that there are several defenses available for assault…

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Types of Assault Charges in Ohio

In Ohio, assault charges are serious criminal charges that carry exceptionally serious penalties and fines. While assault and battery charges are separate, they are often levied in tandem with one…

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The Difference Between Assault and Battery Charges

Disputes can arise between strangers or even friends and family members that get quickly out of hand. Unfortunately, your actions in response to perceived slights or disagreements could end up…

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Man Facing Assault Charges After Fatal Chokehold

A man recently died after being put in a chokehold during an argument according to law enforcement officials. The man accused of putting the chokehold on the victim is 33-year-old,…

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