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How Does Bail Work in Ohio?

Bail is a critical component of the criminal justice system. It serves as a mechanism to ensure that an accused person returns to court for trial while allowing them the…

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How Can I Reinstate a Suspended Driver’s License in Ohio?

Losing your driver's license can profoundly impact your life, affecting everything from your daily commute to your ability to run simple errands or visit loved ones. With countless Ohioans having…

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When is Theft a Felony in Ohio?

Theft charges in Ohio can range from misdemeanors to felonies, depending on various factors. It is essential to understand the different degrees of theft and the criteria used to classify…

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What Makes Me Eligible for Family-Based Immigration?

Family is an integral part of our lives, and it holds even greater significance when it comes to immigration. Family-based immigration provides a pathway for individuals to obtain legal residency…

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What is a QDRO and Why Is It Important?

When navigating the complexities of divorce proceedings, it's crucial to understand all the elements that come into play. One such element, often overlooked but highly significant, is the Qualified Domestic…

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How Long Can You Stay in the U.S. on a Work Visa?

The VanNoy Firm understands that navigating the U.S. immigration system can be complex and challenging. One common question we often encounter is, "How long can you stay in the U.S.…

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